Joey! How YOU Doin’?

OK, not THAT Joey from Friends. THIS Joey. According to the Symbio Wildlife Park YouTube page, “Isabelle The Koala received the best early Christmas gift of all, with the emergence of a ‘yet to be named’ baby girl from her pouch. A late season Joey, the six month old decided that it was time to start seeing what all this fuss was about in the outside world.”

Now is as good a time as any! Just in time for Santa!



Working Lunch

[OK guys, we need to plan the company Christmas party. First thing, order plenty of seed. And we have to make sure NO ONE spikes the egg nog this year. We all remember those drunk Tapirs from accounting, we had to call security, total buzzkill, blah blah blah. OK. What’s next?”

~ ~ ~

“This was taken by my husband at Cleland Wildlife Park in South Australia. Wombat nose-ums totally made the whole thing. Thanks all, and have a great holiday season. Regards, Janis L.”

Wombat Wednesday/ResQte Of The Week!

A combo post this time around! This Wommie Chubster was rescued from Woods Lake in Tasmania, according to this Mashable story. Wommie was struggling in the water and risked drowning!

Craig Wilson and his stepfather Bob Wilton were able to haul the Wommie into their boat and they returned to shore, where said Wommie beat a hasty retreat into the woods. Good on ya!

(Also see deets from The Advocate.)

Nangua Down Undah

Say hello if you will to Bebeh Nangua, who has just come online at the Sydney Taronga Zoo. (“Nangua” means “Pumpkin” in Mandarin. Makes sense.)

They are usually born this color but change to black around their first birthday.

Nangua is a “Leaf Monkey” or François’ langur, a very rare monkey.

He was found in his mum’s arms back on November 7th.


Celebrating Nosevember At Edgar’s Mission

According to the Edgar’s Mission FB page, it was one year ago today that the wonderfully-named Winifred P. Piglet arrived at their facility. As OZ gets ready to head into their summah down undah, see how Winnie keeps her cool.

Winifred P Piglet Guide to Keeping Cool this Summer! from Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary on Vimeo.

Crikey! Hop Right In, Mate!

Never forget where you came from.

Been Awhile Since We Had Some Quokkas Here..

…so let’s fix THAT grievous error right now. “Are Quokkas still popular? I took pics of a mom and baby on Rottnest Island last week,” says YK.









This Is Not Possible

Be careful with this one. It’ll steal your soul and won’t think twice about it.

Thanks to Leanne from Canberra, Australia.

Happy Steve Irwin Day!

On November 15th, Australia Zoo invites everyone around the world to celebrate the life of the late Steve Irwin, the beloved Crocodile Hunter! (It’s already the 16th there, but as Steve might say, “No worries, mate!”)

Gonna Have To Lay Off Those McFlurrys® For Awhile, Munro

For many of us, climbing up on the scale to get the bad news is a chore we could do without. Not so with Munro, Taronga Zoo’s Fiordland Crested Penguin. He seems to enjoy it as he “he prepares to bulk up for his annual moult,” according to the video text. He weighed in at a healthy 3.3kg. Feature photo by Paul Fahy as seen on the Taronga site.