This Post Is For The Birds!

No, not The Birds.

It’s National Bird Day today! So let’s celebrate with some Sooty Owls at the Taronga Zoo, eh? Bless their sooty little heart-shaped faces!

[Like how they swivel their little heads around. -Ed]






From Zooborns, photos by Lorinda Taylor.


In Russia, This Happens All The Time, Right?

Here we have Yeol The Owl, going sightseeing on the bus. Sure, of course he is.

Happy OWL-O-Ween!

WHOOOOO’s going out for Trick or Treating tomorrow nite, hmmmm?

(Tastefully Offensive.)

The Cute Overload Halloween 2015 Celebrayshe continues

The Return Of Blinky McBlinkersons

Remember Blinky McBlinkersons from the summer of 2013? We just saw this video today and decided to relate it to an older one dug deep thru the C.O. archives and came across a home movie from Blinky’s childhood. We think that’s him on the right. Look at ’em gettin’ their splash on and stuff!

The Cornell Labs Gang Is BACK

Last month, we told you about the “singing” Owls featured on the Cornell University Labs webcam. Now, they’re back and they brought a little (unwelcome) friend with them.

(From Mary N.)

And Now For Something Truly Out There

And it’s NOT from The Big J, if you can believe it. We’ve got Owls. Singing.

“Hi, dunno if you have already received this. I take no credit for it. The vid is of a family of barn owls (one of the adults is not in the vid) on the Cornell Lab webcam,” says the sender-inner.

Calm? She Musta Had A Dozen Red Bulls!

If you’re feeling calm, it’s highly doubtful you end up looking like this. Just sayin.’


It’s Owl Awareness Day?

HOOOOO knew about this? Well, the Oregon Zoo did (been there, wonderful place) and they put a video together for Owl Lovers everywhere! (Speakers UP, please.)

This Guy Just Doesn’t Give A Hoot

After all, it’s Friday. Go ahead- dive bomb my head. Hoo cares?



A little insight into the C.O. Editorial Process. This email from Laura W. comes in AND IT GOES UP AS FAST AS OUR LITTLE FINGERS CAN TYPE.

(Boulder County Colorado Sheriff’s Office Deputy Sophie Berman was out and about when a Northern Saw Whet Owl decided it was time for a face to face. Or, um, a face to beak.)

“Hi C.O.! I emailed you a link from the Boulder Daily Camera, and there was no spot to add a message. Nederland, CO is in the mountains SW of Boulder. (And the home of the annual Frozen Dead Guy Days.) How cute is this guy? How come I can’t happenstance upon something like this, ever?” -Laura W.