Otter You Up 2, 3, 4?

May 9, Oakland Zoo, CA. Ginger the River Otter gave birth to three baby boy otters.

They are named Kohana (Sioux for swift),

Hinto (Dakota for blue)

and Shilah (Navajo for brother).

Not sure how Ginger got her name, but she might be named after Ginger Rogers.

This is Ginger’s third litter.

In 2011 Ginger gave birth to a boy and girl, Tallulah and Ahanu. Ginger had a second litter in 2012.

Come on in! The otter’s great!

8724863232_21660c85d0_z, Photos by Jane Tyska/Bay Area News Group.

Is This a Thing?

Back in the day, otters stacked cups. Oh, times were so much simpler then. Where’s that otter? He could tell us what’s up with this whole craze.

Fave Frame:

Screen Shot 2013-05-12 at 11.12.46 PM
SweetyHigh, “and that’s Sweety with a ‘y’“.

Got The Munchies, Dude

Any Doritos in here?

Spotted on MSN Now, and posted on The Tube by Raya TV.

If You Won the L’ottery

OMG! Happy dance! Here’s how ottermatically fabulous your life could be!

Fave Fenway (the otter) Frames:

fenway &b pup

fenway & whale

fenway tub
The lucky winners are Fenway and MissPippyLou. And thanks to CO-er, rescue gal, who also sent this in!

One Or the Otter

Wait a second, why am I choosing? I’ll have both!

From Veganism is the Future

I Otter Not Look

If it’s scary, I’ll have bad dreams and wet the ocean.

Via The Telegraph

Plays Well With Otters

Also demonstrates leadership skills and a positive otter-tude!

Fave Frame:
A+ mmoyerssd1, via YouTube and the San Diego Zoo!

You’ve Never Felt So Happy at Such Grand Disappointment

Buzzy sends in the best thing I’ve seen this year by Ze Frank displayed on Laughing Squid.

Life Imitates Otter

These two were made for each otter!

Via an otter Redditter Altbaby

Inotteration Day!

In honor of the Big Presidential Inauguration Inotteration, the Smithsonian National Zoo is celebrating Inotteration Day! Cuteporter Nicole K. alerted us to these photos from the SNZ’s Facebook page.

Photo from Clyde Nishimura.

Photo from Janice Sveda.

Photo from Clyde Nishimura.

Photo by Maria Stroffolino.

Photo from Janice Sveda.


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