This Otter Hold ‘er

‘Cause, y’know, there’s nothin’ worse than when your hoomin slips away from under you.

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Pearl, Paco & Pedro UPDATE!

[C.O. featured these little guys & girl last year. At least that’s what Cuteporter KB says, I couldn’t find the darn post. Her comments follow. -Ed.]

Pearl, Paco and Pedro are now 11, 12 and 13 months old. They’ll be released back into the wild near the end of the summer and they’re doing well.”

“When they’re awake, they’re moving around constantly…in and out of the pool, learning to be otters. Sometimes they nap like this-”

“…and sometimes they nap like this-”



Smile, It’s Friday!

It’s the weekend! And this Prosh Oriental Small-Clawed Otter knows it, too. (Dude is named Ulto.)


From RocketNews24.

We Got Otters


But we’re not going to hype it! Noooo!

Four baby Asian small-clawed otter pups, born to proud Mom, Teratai, and protective Dad, Guntur, ace their first exam at Seattle, Washington’s Woodland Park Zoo. Photos by Ryan Hawk. Via Zooborns.

Kaikki Adorbs*

People, you must stop what you’re doing and watch this. Here’s this dude living in Finland, lotsa your standard snow and ice and, um, AN OTTER LIVING IN HIS FRONT YARD. There’s a little hole in the ice snow ground and Iivari The Otter just pops right up.

*Totes Adorbs in Finnish. Sent in by Janne K., who says “What happens in the video is not commonplace in Finland.” Yeah, well I still wanna go there.

AWWWW-TERS! (The Sequel)

A few days back we showed ya some Awwww-ters; it seems only right that we bring you some more and THIS TIME THEY’RE FROM JAPAN.

From RocketNews24.


Newborn aww-ters! Three newborn aww-ters! Two girls and a boy!
Aaand, this is when Cute Overload becomes Cute Ovarysplode. Fine. Best to just go with it. Resistance is futile.

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Via their proud Mom, Freyja, the North American River Otter rescued as a pup in Florida, and Zooborns. More cuteness at Pueblo Zoo.


A Slow Loris.
Bebeh Otters.
Together. In one handy-dandy video clip.

[Standard They Are Not Supposed To Be Pets Disclaimer Here. -Ed.] Sent in by Dustin L.

We Pick Eddie the Otter to Win!

Don’t look now but March Madness is starting early! OK, suffice it to say, I don’t even know what March Madness is except it has a basketball and a hoop. Does it involve otters? Because Eddie the Otter is a Hoophead!

“He can swim with the ball, take aim and even do slam dunks – and rarely misses a shot.”

To top it all off, Eddie the otter is 16 years old! That is the Golden Age for otters. Ever since being rescued off the California coast as an abandoned pup, Eddie has been taken care of at the The Oregon Zoo. Training Eddie to play basketball is more than fun, it is helping Eddie exercise away the otter-itis in his otter elbows.

Eddie’s starting a March Madness office “pool”. You in?

The rest of Eddie’s story via the Daily Mail.

Toebeans A Go-Go

Kitty toebeans extraordinario.

Puppeh workin’ the toebean mojo.

Otter toebeans like fo’ sho.

Turtle toebeans in slo-mo.

“My snowshoe kitty, Quinn’s little speckled toe beans. We adopted her on Sunday from the Kentucky Humane Society & I’m just so in love with her already. I’m sure she’d love to be on your website in celebration of her adoption!” -Mariah R.
“Frida.” -Natalie.
“Otters.” –Chris W.
“Our golden retriever, Dax, on her very first day at home with us. I think the paw really adds something, don’t you?” -Gina G.