LIVE UK Otter Webcam ACTION!

1024px-otters_in_a_row-970x0Ever wanted to just kick back in front of the PC and gaze at Adorable Lil’ Otterz?


Let’s go LIVE LIVE LIVE to the Zoological Society of London.

From Digital Trends.

Massive Disapproval Sighted At Zoo Berlin

Boy, is this Little Asian Small-Clawed Otter giving us The Look Of Disapproval or WHAT? He’s busy with swim lessons at Zoo Berlin.

“These are hilarious! Not only is the Bebeh Otter Cute, but in the first picture he is such a Mr. Grumpypants! Nothing like a Grumpy or Disapproving Cute Bebeh.” -Shannon S.


Super Mario Otter!

Problems with your pipes? Call Otto’s Plumbing Repairs! We have just the part you need!


Via unremoved on Reddit, where just about every plumbing pun has already been plumbed.

California, If U Need Some Extra Water..

Southern sea otter Ivy.[…I got this big red bucket U can haz.] (From The Daily Otter.)

Hey, Knife & Fork At The Table, Pal!

SOME people just don’t have ANY table manners.


Now THIS Is The Way To Cool Off!

Check out this Prosh Family O’ Otters! They aren’t just beating the heat, they’re flat out destroying it! It’s a warm one at the Zoological and Botanical Garden in Ichikawa, Japan, don’cha know. Seen on Mail Online.

Otter Cuddle Puddle*

v2l50ql-680x453(*Headline absolutely straight from Boing Boing, kudos to Xeni J. No way to top that one.) Pile of bebeh otters cuddling at the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle. Photo by Geoffrey Franz.

The Fast ‘n’ The Furry-ous 10: INCOMING!!!

otter-running-united-kingdom_81118_990x742And will you check out the Most Excellent Ground Clearance! Photo by Mark Bridger, National Geographic Your Shot..sent in by Vajda B.

This Otter Hold ‘er

‘Cause, y’know, there’s nothin’ worse than when your hoomin slips away from under you.

Via Daily Picks and Flicks.

Pearl, Paco & Pedro UPDATE!

SONY DSC[C.O. featured these little guys & girl last year. At least that’s what Cuteporter KB says, I couldn’t find the darn post. Her comments follow. -Ed.]

Pearl, Paco and Pedro are now 11, 12 and 13 months old. They’ll be released back into the wild near the end of the summer and they’re doing well.”

“When they’re awake, they’re moving around constantly…in and out of the pool, learning to be otters. Sometimes they nap like this-”

“…and sometimes they nap like this-”




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