28052c1da6384af997f36baf3e4a422bTurn ’em up. Do eet NOW. The Bebeh Otters are……squeaking.


From The Daily Dot.

I Just Can’t Stop Eating These Things!

Every time I finish one, I want to have an otter, and an otter, and an otter!


Speakers UP For This! (Thursday Edition)

Yesterday we posted a really SQUEAKY video of a bebeh sea otter pup and mama. Today, WE’RE BACK FOR MORE.

“Hiiiiiiii, I saw this on Youtube and thought it was supppzzz adorbs. I hope you like it!!!!! Legally though, I must inform you that it is not my video. I only found it. Thank you for your most excellent website, Leo M.”

And it Was Then Stacey Realized She Had Forgotten a Key Lyric to “Deck the Halls”

“(Wait, is it ‘fa-la-la’ or ‘la-la-fa’? ‘La-fa-fi-fo-fum’? ‘Fa-la-fel’? ‘Fa-lav-a-flav’? I’m so embarrassed…)”


Via Marcus Saul.

Santa Comes Early To The MBA

The otters at the Monterey Bay Aquarium are already digging into their holiday ice treats. The “frosting” is minced clams! (What, no fruitcake?)

LIVE UK Otter Webcam ACTION!

1024px-otters_in_a_row-970x0Ever wanted to just kick back in front of the PC and gaze at Adorable Lil’ Otterz?


Let’s go LIVE LIVE LIVE to the Zoological Society of London.

From Digital Trends.

Massive Disapproval Sighted At Zoo Berlin

Boy, is this Little Asian Small-Clawed Otter giving us The Look Of Disapproval or WHAT? He’s busy with swim lessons at Zoo Berlin.

“These are hilarious! Not only is the Bebeh Otter Cute, but in the first picture he is such a Mr. Grumpypants! Nothing like a Grumpy or Disapproving Cute Bebeh.” -Shannon S.


Super Mario Otter!

Problems with your pipes? Call Otto’s Plumbing Repairs! We have just the part you need!


Via unremoved on Reddit, where just about every plumbing pun has already been plumbed.

California, If U Need Some Extra Water..

Southern sea otter Ivy.[…I got this big red bucket U can haz.] (From The Daily Otter.)

Hey, Knife & Fork At The Table, Pal!

SOME people just don’t have ANY table manners.



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