Young Dr. Zauis, We Presume?

[“Will somebody PLEASE weight me NOW and get me a BLANKEE? I am FREEZING!! And what’s this “1705” mean, anyway??] (Imgur/Reddit.)


Hey! Let’s Have Some Of That, Ma!

This Hairy Lil’ Noggin Orangutan Bebeh is hungry and wants whatever Mom’s got. And she wants it right now!

ImageProxy (1)
(This is a six-week-old female Sumatran Orangutan named Siska, a new resident at Chester Zoo.)

(Another Quality Smedley Find, also from Maureen P. Photos via ZooBorns.)

More Fun Than A Barrow Of Monkeys

Yes, I know they’re not monkeys. But then the pun wouldn’t work, right Oakley?

These maniacs are at the International Animal Rescue in Borneo before being released back into the wild.

“Holy schnikies!! The orange! the bebe faces! So darn cute!! (Seen here.)” -Emily C.

Pay-Baby-Orangutans (2)

Friday Haiku: Budi & Jemmi

Budi and Jemmi
Love rambatan and guava
Gets kinda messy

(*Note: Sad story but they got rescued- Mashable.)

Orangutans -N- Tarsiers, O My

Cuteporter Newbie Helen A. sez: “An avid follower of your site, but never got around to submitting my own photos, so here’s my first selection- some Orangutans hanging out out at Singapore Zoo, April, 2011.



“..and a couple of Tarsiers from Bohol, Philippines taken June 2011.”



May The Best Zoo Win!

Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo and the Denver Zoo are making a Big Wager for tomorrow’s Big Game! According to the Ballard News Tribune, if the Broncos win, “a curator from Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle will hand deliver a case of Washington apples to Denver Zoo’s Przewalski’s horses and spend a day working with the horses and elephants wearing a Bronco jersey.”



“If the Seahawks win, Denver Zoo Curator of Birds John Azua will take a case of trout to Woodland Park Zoo for its sea eagles and spend a day working with the zoo’s animals while sporting a Seahawks jersey.”


OMG, Put Up Your Cute Shields Now, Peeps.

OK. Readies?

This baby orangutan is Pongo. Pongo is looking at you with his beeg Pongo eyes!

This is Pongo looking lovingly at his mother, with his beeg Pongo smile!

Pongo, and his mother, Blaze, have such a story. (keep those shields up!)

Due to some complications at birth, it took Pongo and his Mom many months to recover and become fully reunited.
And now they are inseparabuls.

With help from many caretakers at Zoo Atlanta working tirelessly around the clock to nurture mother and child back to health and to bond their relationship, this story has a successful, happy ending for all.

Oh and one last thing, Sun., Jan. 12, was Pongo’s first birthday.
Happy Birthday, Pongo!

Via Zooborns.

Please Greet Orangutan Baby Rickina!

Check out this furry little…er, furball. Her name is Rickina, and she’s had a rough go of it up ’til now (see the YouTube video description.) Watch the clip to learn more about these elegant and remarkable creatures, whose very name means “Person Of The Forest.” (Here’s how to make a donation to Orangutan Outreach..and even how to adopt!)



YAY 4 World Orangutan Day

These shaggy furheads need our loff n’ support. Here’s where you can provide both. Give ’em a tweet, too!

Photo is © Orangutan Outreach. Thanks go to John N. for the alert.

Raindrops Keep Fallin’ On My Head

Those raindrops are fallin’ on my head, they keep fallin’…

“My sister is in Borneo and sent me this picture” reports one Redditer. Lyrics by B.J. Thomas. Suggestion by Smedley.