An Afternoon At Gelinas Farm





No, I mean, you wanna go get some hay?

“I took these photos of my horse Dancer getting to know his new buddy Beau. Just like little kids, they were all friendly one minute, and then fighting the next. Dancer looks like he’s kissing Beau goodbye to head off to work. Dancer and Beau live at Gelinas Farm in Pembroke, NH.”

OMG DERBY DAY PONIES!!!!1!1!1111!!!!!1!!!

ffgf [Say like Foghorn Leghorn:] Ah say, ah say, Suh and M’am, in honah of too-day’s Hunerd N’ Thirta Ninth Runnin’ of tha Roses heyeah in Luh-ville, ah’d like to show off these heyeah Pacific Pintos Vid-e-yo Presentayshuns. Y’all enjoy while ah set a spell on the ver-an-duh with this heyeah mint joo-lep. Mmmm, that hits tha spot dahlin’, but a little moyah sugah….if you pleeeease.


Videos from Pacific Pintos of Ft. Bragg in No-tharn Cal-ee-forn-ya, son.

Gums Are Looking Good…

…nice and pink. Maybe a little plaque up there, but we can fix that in no time. Rinse, please.

“Baby Mama Sorrento aka Mama So (pictured in the left corner) gave birth to this beautiful filly (yet to be named) five days ago. I don’t own either of these horses but I board my own horse at the same farm they are at and everyone agrees that this baby is too cute.” -Krispy N.

Not Out Here In Public!

There are hoomins watching!

“I took this a couple of months ago, in Ottawa, Ontario. Word on the street is that these two Belgians had just gotten hitched.”
-Gina D

Poll: 2 Gambol, Or 2 Gallop?

Finley is getting her knobbular on- but is she “gamboling,” or is she “galloping?” GOTTA FIGURE THIS OUT, PEOPLE.

Gam·bol [ gámb’l ]

1. Leap playfully: to leap or skip around playfully
2. Playful leaping: an instance of leaping around playfully

Gal·lop [ gálləp ]

1. Fast-developing: proceeding or developing at a very fast rate

“This is the first foal born at the University of Missouri’s Equine Teaching Facility in Columbia, Missouri. Each year we get about six Quarter Horse foals, and this is the first one of 2013! She’s a bay filly we decided to call Finley, because this year all the foal’s names will start with ‘F.’ Here she is bouncing around while mom Della cleans up leftover hay.” -Delia B.

OMGPONIES!!!!1!1! (We Call This Look “The Farrah”)

Positively Angelic, no?

The Firdinator sent this one in.

OMGPONIES!!!!1!1!1111!!!!!1!!! (Like You’ve Nevah Seen Them Before)

This takes OMGPONIES!!!!1!1!1111!!!!!1!!! to a whole ‘nuther BIZARRO level. You can make your own, too!

John N. submitted the first video, with the PS “Also, thanks for all the qyoot!”


Woah, woah, woah! We say OMG all the time but how do we know what OMG stands for, really?
Let’s ask an OMG Pony expert!

Old Moldy Goats!

Oats, Mmmm Good.

Otters Marmies Geeshe!

Oreo Middle’s Gooey!
Well, this has been fun.  Now it’s your turn, ’cause right now, Oooooh Meeelks Geyser!

Thank you Lil Gem, a 2-day old Chincoteague pony.

Ponies [Wearing Sweatahs]: You’re In The Situation Room!!!

They’ve become a shaggy global PHENOM. Ponies Wearing Sweatahs. CO has been alllll ovah thees story, and now CNN has decided to barge into Cute-land. Welcome to Our World, Jeanne Moos.

And an update from Steph M.: “Jo and Frances own Thordale Shetland Stud together. Fivla belongs to Frances’ younger daughter Flossie, and Vitamin is jointly owned by Frances and Jo. Frances is in a lot of pain due to her back and couldn’t get on the ground to button the pony sweaters, so Jo is the one doing that in the video. I suspect that’s why they had her for the interview and not Frances. I should mention that people who want to visit and meet Fivla and Vitamin (and the rest of the World’s Cutest Pony Herd) can stay at Jo’s B&B.”

CO World Exclusive: More Ponies Wearing Sweatahs

The world stopped turning (as well it should) once the photos of the PONIES WEARING SWEATERS hit the Interwebs.

BUT There’s more, People! These shots are CO Excluseefs, unseen until now! They come to us straight from Frances Taylor, via a friend of hers, Steph M.:

“They’re the photos that Frances took during the shoot. I am attaching the super cutest ones here, which have not been on any of the news sites that I saw, or Frances’ blog. CO Exclusive! Vitamin is the mom of Frances’ fabulous Shetland pony stallion, Millhouse Independent (aka Indy Ping Pong). Whiffy is Frances’ “fairy tale pony;” they have been together for many years.”

Fantasteek! And make sure you check out Frances’s calendar, too! (Hey, gotta help a calendar buddy, right?)





Photos by Frances Taylor.


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