Looks Like A Budweiser Commercial

[I know this looks nice, the snow and trees and all. But if I had my way, I’d be on a beach in the Caribbean right now.]


OMG PONIES!!1!!1! Image by Flickerer Deanna W. Video clip submitted by Wendy M.

THIS JUST IN: Christmas Dancing OMGPONIES!!!!1!

They’re baaaack. Thanks to Cute Commenter Kitkat for the REDONK heads-up!

Welcome 2…NovembEar?

“Dear Cute Overload, maybe you can make a NovembEar month, similar to the popular ‘Tocktober. All the best, Torito.”

NovembEar, eh? We’re gonna give that some thought, Mr. T. Thanks!


OMGPONIES!!!!1!1!1111!!!!!1!!! (Little Ones!)

If there’s anything better than 3:02 worth of a pair of “Cheeky miniature foals playing with an empty feed bucket,” DO let us know.

Sent in by prolific Cuteporter Julie S.

The Healing Power Of Stuffies

An orphaned bebeh foal has found comfort with its very own teddeh bear.

OMGPONIES!!!!1!1!1111!!!!!1!!! FAVE FRAME!


OMGPONIES!!!!1!1!: The Farrah, Revisited

Remember when we first encountered “The Farrah” look? Well, it’s not just for ladies.

“My boyfriend and I took some photos of some of the horses at Mt. Hope Horse Rescue in northern Lancaster County, Pennsylvania a couple weekends back. This is Strawberry Shortcake, or Shorty. He’s a Shetland pony, who is currently up for adoption. Here’s a link to the rescue’s website.” -Cuteporter Jen.

Wonder Boy by Day, Miniature Horse by Night

Codename, … “Mr. P.”

Any resemblance between Mr. P. and a miniature horse is purely coincidence.

OK little girl, just pretend you don’t notice.

Real-Life My Little Pony
Nothing unusual here.

Real-Life My Little Pony
Situation normal.

Wait, isn’t that a …. NO! ha ha ha.



After a long day workin’ his halter ego, Mr. P. can finally relax.

Real-Life My Little Pony
And have fun horsing around!

Real-Life My Little Pony
Pony Therapy with Molly & Mr. P., photos and cute article via The Daily Mail

An Afternoon At Gelinas Farm





No, I mean, you wanna go get some hay?

“I took these photos of my horse Dancer getting to know his new buddy Beau. Just like little kids, they were all friendly one minute, and then fighting the next. Dancer looks like he’s kissing Beau goodbye to head off to work. Dancer and Beau live at Gelinas Farm in Pembroke, NH.”

OMG DERBY DAY PONIES!!!!1!1!1111!!!!!1!!!

ffgf [Say like Foghorn Leghorn:] Ah say, ah say, Suh and M’am, in honah of too-day’s Hunerd N’ Thirta Ninth Runnin’ of tha Roses heyeah in Luh-ville, ah’d like to show off these heyeah Pacific Pintos Vid-e-yo Presentayshuns. Y’all enjoy while ah set a spell on the ver-an-duh with this heyeah mint joo-lep. Mmmm, that hits tha spot dahlin’, but a little moyah sugah….if you pleeeease.


Videos from Pacific Pintos of Ft. Bragg in No-tharn Cal-ee-forn-ya, son.

Gums Are Looking Good…

…nice and pink. Maybe a little plaque up there, but we can fix that in no time. Rinse, please.

“Baby Mama Sorrento aka Mama So (pictured in the left corner) gave birth to this beautiful filly (yet to be named) five days ago. I don’t own either of these horses but I board my own horse at the same farm they are at and everyone agrees that this baby is too cute.” -Krispy N.


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