OMG Pony Kisses!!!1!!1!

So this fellow decides he’s gonna give this OMG Pony a big ol’ smooch. Fine -n- dandy. But THAT, as they say on Action Five News at Six- is NOT where the story ends…

“Sweet <3," says Michelle S.

Still Got A Ways To Go ‘Til Nosevember….

11082207_992682247410520_5447690857993751978_oUntil then, maybe this OMG Pony will tide you over! (With some Bonus Chin Scruffies.) From Vajda B.

OMG Ponies!!1! Teddy’s Gettin’ Ready For Tomorrow.

IMG_1451“Teddy’s back, [*Note: last month he was a rather large Leprechaun; -Ed.] -this time as the Easter Bunny. Teddy’s a Quarter Horse from Gelinas Farm in Pembroke, N.H. He’s rocking the Bunneh Ears.” -Nancy K.

Just A Little Taste, C’Mon!

This one’s an Encore and totally worth another look- c/o Edward and Rachel N. “This was shared with us on Facebook and I had to share with you guys,” they wrote. [*Note- FB video continues to be wonky for us, so we grabbed a version on YouTube. Enjoy. -Ed.]

Ah, ‘Tis A FINE DAY For An OMG Pony!

IMG_1430“This is Teddy – he’s a Quarter Horse who lives at Gelinas Farm in Pembroke, NH. He’s most definitely saying….’Kiss me, I’m a Red-Headed Irishman!‘” He’s a love bug – very snuggly.” Nancy K., Pembroke, NH.

OMG Ponies!!1!!! (World’s Smallest Horse Edition)

Ever want a horse you can snorgle with on the couch? (C’mon, admit it.) Well….it IS possible. Check out Thumbelina– the smallest horse EVER. As in HISTORY.

(Laughing Squid.)

OMG Pedro Pony!!!11!11!!!!1

Ok, so you’re a tiny Shetland Pony named Pedro. You arrive at the Ebony Horse Club in Brixton, London U.K. So far, so good….whoops, wait. Not good. Problem: You can’t see over the stall door! (Left photo.)

Solution: you get a Pedroscope! (Right photo and below.)


The horse club contacted local design firm Print & Cut who created the Pedroscope. The club is attempting to raise funds to get him a proper sized stable.


(Laughing Squid.)

When You Combine “Snow” & “Horses” U Get…

“Snorses,” naturally.



Vajda B. found the OMGPonies!1!1 at Horse, and “Snorses” is his, too.

“I thought you might like to see my new horse, Bernie. He just came up to Illinois from Kentucky, so I don’t think he has much experience with heavy snow. Anyhoo, he seemed to enjoy the sunshine, as evidenced in this wink/smile! I got him through this wonderful charity organization:” -Dawn B.


Welcome To The World, Hazelnut!

unnamed (1)Raymond J. sent us this info! “Meet Hazelnut! She was born Wednesday to mother Sacajawea and is the 17th member of the current Ocracoke Pony herd at Cape Hatteras National Seashore. (North Carolina.) Get more park information regarding the Ocracoke Ponies and how you can participate in the ‘Adopt-A-Pony’ program here.”

[*Note: ADOPT..A..PONY? -Ed.]

Classic Interspecies Nomming

Or this is…Interspecies Snorgling? Either way—OMG Ponies!!1!!1!


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