Welcome To The World, Hazelnut!

unnamed (1)Raymond J. sent us this info! “Meet Hazelnut! She was born Wednesday to mother Sacajawea and is the 17th member of the current Ocracoke Pony herd at Cape Hatteras National Seashore. (North Carolina.) Get more park information regarding the Ocracoke Ponies and how you can participate in the ‘Adopt-A-Pony’ program here.”

[*Note: ADOPT..A..PONY? -Ed.]

Classic Interspecies Nomming

Or this is…Interspecies Snorgling? Either way—OMG Ponies!!1!!1!

Super Prosh XLIX

There’s some type of football game coming up Sunday. And they always make a big deal about the commercials.

Like THIS one.

PLEASE Let Me Head Butt You!!!

[Just one quick little one, K? It won’t hurt and then our video will go viral and get licensed and our hoomins will make a million dollars and even get on sites like Cute Overload that find it on Mashable!!]

(*Bonus Bing Video Translaysh: “Dwarf goat that amuses a horse: Bibi is my small goat neutered who lives in freedom in my riding…it makes me laugh, always full of energy and nonsense! Other videos will follow because it is in the learning of the Yes/No; to mount on my quad to go treat the ponies…I refer you to my site the ‘ crinsd’or ‘ via facebook to discover or he lives…in soon!”)

Classic Side-Eye OMG Ponies!!1! BFF Action!

IMG_20150118_142919481_HDREarlier today, we saw BFFs Morris and Champy hanging out. Now we get a sequel of sorts! “This is Moo Pony and his new cat friend,” from Submitter Kerry D.

Mom Taxi XXXIX: Morris And Champy

My-cat-Morris-loves-to-go-horse-riding-__880Vajda B. found this on The Panda.

According to Jennifer B., the author of the story, Champy has been hanging out with (and on the back of) Morris for two years now.

Quoting the article, she says “Morris will go riding for hours and sit on Champy’s back when he’s grazing and walking about, he loves to ride him when I’m trying to do training. They certainly walk about a lot together.”





You’re A New Bebeh OMG Pony- What Do U Do First?

Well, rolling around in the bedding of your stable sounds like a good idea!

(The Squidster.)

OMGPONIES!!!!1!1!: R U Guyz Hungry Hungary?

10827979_840726302657954_5501090472550183810_oSo you’re thinking, “Ugh. I’ve been off since right before Christmas. First day back. Can’t..deal..without some coffee and..OMGPONIES!!!!1!1!”

Glad to help!

These images from Eastern Hungary were spotted by Vajda B on Facebook. Photos by Attila Szilagyi,(HNPI)

The translation includes, “Five inches of snow covered the Hortobágy plain by the morning. The snow has no negative effect on the Mongolian wild horses, they seem to enjoy the new circumstances on the puszta.”





A Horse Is A Horse, Of Course Of Course

unnamedVajda B. sent this photo to us from Facebook, and says “This is a horse nose.” Why, yes it is!

Time For A Shammy (OMG Ponies!!11!1!1) Whammy

Quite possibly The Cutest OMG Pony we’ve EVER seen. Click the video right this very second. Yeah, you should be working on something at your desk…but..it’s SOOO Cute…



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