A Horse Is A Horse, Of Course Of Course

unnamedVajda B. sent this photo to us from Facebook, and says “This is a horse nose.” Why, yes it is!

Time For A Shammy (OMG Ponies!!11!1!1) Whammy

Quite possibly The Cutest OMG Pony we’ve EVER seen. Click the video right this very second. Yeah, you should be working on something at your desk…but..it’s SOOO Cute…


OMG Therapy Ponies!!1!!!1!1!11!

POTD_Pony_in_schoo_3125262kThe Telly says these Ponies have a “calming effect beneficial to learning.” Duh. What I’d like to know is why the Mariemont City School District didn’t know about this. Spotted by Arne.

Oh, You Want To Cross The Stream, Do Ya?

[OK, lemme just check this out…hmmmm…ok…yeah…this seems fine NO THIS IS GREAT COME ON IN THE WATER’S FINE! WOO HOO!]

From VVV.

Just About Halfway Through Nosevember~

adam-smithThought you might like a little OK a lot of Whisker Action, too! OMGPonies!1!! from Vajda B. as seen here; original photo by Adam Smith/Flickr/Creative Commons License.

Hey- U Wanna Be Groomed, Or What?

[Let me just take care of these fleas ya got back here- and do you mind if I have a seat after I’m done? Thanks!]

Icelandic OMG Ponies Nosevember ACTION!

You won’t believe the Nose that’s coming up in this one at 0:58!

“My husband and I were looking through some videos that we took during our world bicycle trip that began in Iceland. (We’re from Canada.) When we saw this video that we took of a group of Icelandic horses, Cute Overload’s Nosevember came immediately to mind. Anyhow, we hope you’ll consider our submission of this lovely shaggy horse. We love your site. Thank you for all you do.” -Michele & Benoit. (Benoit’s voice and hand are featured in the video.)

Hey Horse! You Want Me To Scratch Your Back With My Face?

[I can do that! And I can clean your back, too! Just hold still for me, OK?]

From Susan M.

OK, OK, Got One For Ya

photo[So, here goes. How did the cowboy ride into town on Friday, stay for three days, and ride out on Friday?]

photo (1)
[His horse’s NAME was Friday! Nyuk nyuk nyuk! Honestly. Thanks for the applause. Seriously. And don’t forget to tip your waitress. We’re here all week.]

photo (2)
“For the past two years my husband and I have gone horse-trekking in Iceland. It’s great fun riding around the beautiful and spectacular scenery and, as you can see, the horses (technically OMGPonies, but Icelanders never refer to them that way) are simply adorable.” -Ruth G.

(Joke from Jokes4Us.com.)

“ResQte Ponies For Your Consideration!”

IMG_20141002_225351This might be a C.O. first. OMG Ponies!11!! + Side-Eye? Have we EVER seen this before? Borderline unheard of. Amber H., what IS going on here?

“We here at Shiloh Acres Horse Rescue would like to submit a pic of two of our precious rescue Ponies, one of which is displaying the VERY rare Equine Side-Eye as he meets his new neighbor for the first time! These two boys were rescued within a few weeks of each other. The pic shows young Mojo in the back, giving The Side-Eye to Malachi, the older horse in the foreground. Thanks for all the smiles!”


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