OMG (Really REALLY Little) Ponies!!1!1!!1!

Take a look at THIS Prosh Little Dudester. I promise you will NEVER look at OMGPonies!!1!11! the same way AGAIN. This bebeh Mini-Horseh is FOUR DAYS OLD! Will you check out that GALLOPING ACTION™!

(First video seen on Viral Viral Videos.)


OMGPonies!11!1!1! (But Look Closely)

Just how many bebeh OMGPonies!11!1!1! do you see?

Da Vinci AKA Vinny was born in May at Fyling Hall Riding School at Robin Hood’s Bay, North Yorkshire, UK.




(Daily Mail.)

Yes, Please.

That there is a bebeh Mini Appaloosa. Anybody want one of those?

From @CuteEmergency.

Don’t Even Think About It, Bun

“Bodhi tells his bunny buddy that he will share….after he finishes his breakfast. -Nell C.

Q: Why Do Goats Jump On Top Of Horses?

A: Because they can.

Monday Was Best Friends Day

But we’re thinking that this photo is great enough to run ANYtime! OMGPonies!11!!! AND a Goldie? Get OUT.

“This is Emma, my Aunt Kathy’s 8 year old golden girl. Emma is the snuggliest, sweetest, friendliest dog ever. She lives in the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, with two cats and her horse! Thanks for always bringing a smile to my face!” -Deidra F.

Happy Birthday, J.D.!

You want some help blowing out the candles? Oh, looks like you’ve got that handled.

(As seen on @Digg.)

OMG Selfie!11!!1!!1!

Vin The Pony took these selfies all by himself. We kid you not. Guess he didn’t need a Selfie Stick, either.

Vajda B. spotted these on Horse

G’Nite Everyone

[I’ll tuck myself in, no worries.]

(Laughing Squid.)

Sleppy X 3

It’s about that time- got to get me my glass o’ Bosco and then…YAWN – C U tomorrow, OK then? ZZZZ.