Weekend At Bernie’s

IMG_6144“This is Bernie in a recent Chicago snow storm. He still had a little bit of lunch left on his snoot!” -Dawn B.

Teddy Zen AKA Rule Of Cuteness #48 Revisited

IMG_3409Nancy K. of Pembroke, New Hampsha sure nose her Rules. We have the Nose in here, some Tiny Tongue Action, some Whiskerlets (s that a word?) and of course OMGPonies!1!!1!!1!1 “For Nosevember….I submit for you an example of Rule #48: Tiny tongues are cute. Tiny being relative. This is Teddy, a quarter horse who lives at Gelinas Farm in Pembroke, NH. Whenever he takes a drink, he stares into space, sucking on his tongue for a while. His daily moment of Zen.”

Two Tags That Go Great Together

Do you use the “tag” feature? I must confess I don’t. But lots of people do, and this video is perfect for two of them: OMGPonies and I Shall Leeck You. Or (I Shall Frantically Attempt To Leeck You.)

Hay There! You Work Out?

[Here, lemme come on over with some of the good stuff- not that cheapo stuff you usually get. Nothing but the best for YOU, hon.]

(BuzzFeed, from Andrew Y.)

Meet Charlie: A Miniature Horse With Attitude

Even after you watch this video–you may not believe what you just saw. The eye rolling..the galloping, I….I….{clunk.} GET ME ONE OF THESE STAT.

OMGPonies!!1!!!1 (+ Matchingks!)

Matching - ImgurOne of these, though, is not like the others. (Reddit/Imgur.)

OMG (Really REALLY Little) Ponies!!1!1!!1!

Take a look at THIS Prosh Little Dudester. I promise you will NEVER look at OMGPonies!!1!11! the same way AGAIN. This bebeh Mini-Horseh is FOUR DAYS OLD! Will you check out that GALLOPING ACTION™!

(First video seen on Viral Viral Videos.)

OMGPonies!11!1!1! (But Look Closely)

Just how many bebeh OMGPonies!11!1!1! do you see?

Da Vinci AKA Vinny was born in May at Fyling Hall Riding School at Robin Hood’s Bay, North Yorkshire, UK.




(Daily Mail.)

Yes, Please.

That there is a bebeh Mini Appaloosa. Anybody want one of those?

From @CuteEmergency.

Don’t Even Think About It, Bun

bodie buddy“Bodhi tells his bunny buddy that he will share….after he finishes his breakfast. -Nell C.


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