ResQte Of The Week (Monday UK Edition)

THIS JUST IN from Paul P.: “Lots of floods in the UK right now and animals getting rescued like these:”

And Mike The Donkeh was rescued from a very bad situation in Kerry, Ireland.

From the Animal Heaven Animal Rescue FB page.


Couch Potato Donkeh

It’s easy for hoomins to sack out on the couch and snuggle (or snorgle) with your Puppeh or Kitteh–even your Wombat if you’re Down Undah. Just haul ’em up on yer lap, and PLOP.

Not so in this case. Watch for Radar Ears at :36.

From Barb (Tireless Toiling for the Cute) and Paul.

Derpeh Donkeh

“I took the photo of Jason in Petaluma CA. at my brother’s farm.” -Mary H.

Yes, This Happened

A Mineh-Horseh wanders up to a Puppeh.

And then noms him.



Hey Hey We’re The Donkees

…an’ people say we Donkee Around! But we’re too busy posing, to put anybody down!!

Donkey baroo is most uncommon.

First photo from Vajda B as seen on FB; second from Pinterest.

Precious, Time To Get Your Gallop On!

Precious has been waiting to enjoy some springtime weather, and she’s ready to run! The other guys in the video are like, “Uh, what?”

MoonPieWoman found this on The Facebooksters. As U can tell.

Poll: OMG Donkeys!1!!11!!1?

This shot does kinda remind you of a OMGPonies!1!!11!!1 photo, right? That leads to this question: are they as prosh as Ponies? Let’s take a poll, shall we?

“I took this photo last September during a 200-mile bike ride around Vermont & New York. We shot across the road as soon as we saw the miniature donkehs in their little pasture. What’s better than a bebeh miniature donkeh?” -Courtney B.