Get. OFF. My. COUCH.

[I’m NOT gonna tell you again. And boy, SNEEZE These SNEEZE darn SNEEZE allergies are SNEEZE killin’ me. Maybe it’s all this DOG FUR.]

(Animal Rescue Blog.)


Meet Earl The Pandalamb

Yes, you read that right. His name is Earl. He’s a Panda. AND a Lamb. All in one. Sort of. Right?

“It’s pretty much what you’d think a Pandalamb to look like,” says Tamara.

Oh, Sure- It’s Springtime Out There-

But WINTER ain’t done yet! Check out this extravaganza of Winter The Lamb doing what Winter The Lamb does BEST—BED BOUNCING! [Note- the final video is one we ran late last year- but the user account for that video was deleted, so the video vanished from C.O. We’re re-posting here. -Ed.]

(First video seen on Mashable.)

Pet: Just One Of The Guys

Growing up, most of us wanted to be one of the guys, you know, to fit in the crowd. Just like Pet The Lamb. We also get some great (though brief) Scottish commentary, too.

(Story seen on Mashable; second video seen on Arbroath.)