Keep It Cool, Guys

Sunday is the official first day of summer, but the heck with that. It’s been super toasty for weeks and weeks now! And these guys know just how to cool off!

Yes, This Is What An “Elfie” Looks Like

Yesterday, Vin The Pony snapped his own selfie…and today comes word that this Heffalump did the same thing, grabbing this fellow’s GoPro! Quoting the Yahoo! News Canada story, “I was taking photos and feeding the elephant bananas until I ran out of bananas and the elephant grabbed my GoPro while the camera was set to ‘timelapse,’” Christian LeBlanc wrote to Global News in an email. “This allowed the camera continuous shooting and enabled it to take the ‘elphie’!”

Stacy M. found this one!

Navann’s Playtime In The Bathtub

Whoops. Make that….playtime WITH the bathtub.

(T.O.) Coming up next: the C.O. Cat Café World Tour makes a stop in Seoul, South Korea.

OMG Twin Prosh Pachyderms

YES Way! (Remember saying that way back when?) Two extremely rare elephant twins were seen on the Pongola Game Reserve, located in Northern Kwa-Zulu Natal. (South Africa, yo.)

Um, I think we get a bonus Gila Monster the end of that clip?

They haven’t determined the sex of the twins yet.

Less than 1% of heffalump births are twins!

Mail Online has more info. And remember: RoC #07: “A thing, accompanied by a smaller version of that thing, is always cute.”

From Kimberly P.


Do U C me?


#TGIF: Already Having A Snootful

7378ea1c-0691-4556-99eb-30171178f4d0-2060x1373Ah the weekend is here, don’cha know. Time to kick back and relax with a glass lake of your favorite beverage.

“Dear Cute Overload, Thanks for running more photos of hummingbirds these last few weeks! And, on the opposite end of the size spectrum, here is something I saw on the Guardian, called “Highlight of the Day.” This Heffalump having the highlight of his/her day is the highlight of my day. Love, Anna S.”

‘Tocktober Three-Pak™

DSCN0283“Hi there! I just got back from volunteering in South Africa and was lucky enough to go on an Elephant walk with the Resident Elephants: Hannah, Three, and Martie. ‘Tocktober is my favorite so I hope you like a triple dose of Elephant ‘Tocks!” -Bridget S.

Ever Wonder How A Heffalump Takes A Bath?

And now you know…….the rest of the story*!


A Conversation Between Two Heffalumps

Faa Mai: “Dok Mai, would you like to roll around in the mud?”

Dok Mai: “Sure.”

Hula Hoopin’ Heffalumps

The video says Faa Mei The Heffalump is playing with a Hula Hoop, which I remember as a toy plastic hoop…which this isn’t. (Well, maybe it USED to be before they got to it.) And a bonus- wait for the sweet surprise at the 1:11 mark. These two live at Elephant Nature Park, an elephant rescue and rehabilitation center in Chiang Mai, Thailand.


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