Ohagi And His Sopwith Camel

Remember last night, how geeked up Timo got with his new Cat Tube? Well, Ohagi has a Snoopy bed he’s pretty happy about….but it looks like he’d be more happy with a mobile home.


Cat(urday) Burglar

Most of us like to save our money in the bank. It’s safe, earns interest, you get a handy ATM card, etc. Then there are some die hards who prefer to keep their cash under the mattress, or in a pickle jar in the basement. Still others prefer to simply hide it under the living room rug.

This is a bad idea. The Cat Burglar will find it everytime.

Ohagi VS. The Ninjas

Once Ohagi gets his Tail Mojo workin’, those pesky little Ninjas (WHACK!!) don’t stand a chance. One by one…the bodies fall. Oh, the humanity!!!

Happy Father’s Day (Star Wars Edition)

Luke, I AM your father. Now how ’bout cleaning off the top of my head?

Lazy Way To Spend A Caturday

Just hop on the carousel with your bread pillow- then round and round you go!

A Box Usually Works…

…as we saw in this post. However, sometimes you can really score with your kitteh when you think OUTSIDE the box. Like with a CAT PLAYCUBE. Then again, they might just ignore it.

In this case- Butt Wiggle Kitteh Ohagi digs this All. Day. Long.

Time For Afternoon Tea!

Maybe Ohagi likes her tea served with a….spot o’ The Nip?

Shhhh! Be Vewwy QUIET

[I is about to launch a sneak attack from my watermelon bed secret lair!]