Man, I Gotta Sneeze!!!

[I don’t know how much longer I can hold it.]



Guys, Either You Give Me Some ROOM Here…

[…or YOU are gonna be the DESSERT!]

From Susan M.

Caught In The Act

Animuhls (like kids) can do the darndest things. Sometimes, if you’re a great photographer (like these folks as seen on My Modern Met) you can get a terrific shot by just being in the right place at the right time. Talent and a great camera helps, of course!

These were a part of The Mammal Society’s Photographer of the Year competition earlier this year. (The 2014 competition is now open.) Individual photo creditos in the hovers.

First Place Winner: Jumping Rat


Second Place Winner: Licking Fox


3rd Place Winner: Wood Mouse with Blackberry


Gray Seals Laughing


Leaping Squirrel


Rattie Loff

“Hi! I’d like to submit my little rats Bombay (left) & Mojave (right) – they are both 4.5 months old and clearly love each other and like to show it! Photo taken by me!” -Lily S-W.


Haj, Tina And Roadie!*

Stefan F. was kind enough to send us these outstanding Ratty McRatterson photos, and added “Love Cute Overload, keep it up!”



(*They’re from Sweden.) Photos by Zemlan.

A Re-telling of a Visit from St. Nick Page 1

It’s Christmas Eve and everyone’s sleeping in anticipation of tomorrow’s celebration.

In order of appearance: Maggie fast asleep by Emma, Benny the 11 year old beagle/basset hound mix by Erin and Cecile, Biscuit the ResQte kitty by Susan T and encore presentayshon of ratty with teddy by Carrie T.

Once You Go Rat, You Never Go Back

Kevin the rat has stolen Daisy the dog’s heart.

Now she can love no other.

This rat is most attractive, Rachel H.

Heads Or Tails

Heads I win.

Tails you Lose.

Kristen H. says Persephone is an ambitious little ratty who has conquered the couch.