Friday Haiku

Two pals together
Enjoying a sunny day
Buddies ’til the end

~ ~ ~


ResQte Of The Week: Oh Deer

This one needs a little set-up. A bebeh deer was born but had a hurt leg and couldn’t keep up with her family and was left behind. 😦 That’s where a fellow named Darius Sasnauskas stepped in. 🙂 Won’t give anymore of it away- here we are:


(Bored Panda.)

This Bebeh Deer Would Love To Have A Ball!

But it doesn’t look like he/she knows how!

#Tocktober: ‘Tock Flock

Oh, Deer! This month’s meeting of Bambi Local #100 will now come to order! “One of the many beautiful discoveries on a recent trip to Wales: the heart-shaped ‘Tocks of Fallow Deer, on the grounds of Dinefwr (dee-nuh-ver) Castle. Enjoy!” -Jennifer M.

Maliboo ResQteOf The Week 2

There just ain’t much better in life than a micro-sized Bebeh Deer Mouse hugging a strawberry, am I right?

unnamed (1)

(Orphaned Deer Mouse currently in the care of the California Wildlife Center in Malibu. Photographer: Christina.)

Friday Haiku: ‘Tocktober

‘Tocktober is near
Lots and lots of fuzzy butts
It starts in twelve days

“Hello, hay servant to sheep Missy-Moo and pals here, I wondered if you would be interested in these little ‘Tocks? We have a number of fawns growing up around the property, and this little one had just taken a drink from the sheep’s water :)” -Carol B.

Hey! You Wanna Play Or Something?

Thanks to Jeanette for this Totes Adorbs video of Bambi and Thumper playing in the front yard of the Lula W. Dorsey Museum in Estes Park, Colorado. (She originally sent a 9News clip that said “Get ready to be Overloaded in some Cuteness” but it wouldn’t work in Chrome/embed/whatever. So we went to Plan B! Thanks to Colorado’s News Leader for the semi-plug.)

And let’s have us some ORIGINAL Bambi and Thumper Action while we’re at it, OK?

Bebeh Pudu Spotted In The Big Apple!

People, this is The Real Deal. A Leetle Pudu Fawn was born May 12th at the Queens Zoo. Tony J. says “Paws-up is a Rule of Cuteness, right?” Correct. Numero Uno.

When they’re born they’re only SIX inches high, and weigh less than a pound!

(H/T The Gothamist.)

“Never Know What You’ll Find In The Cemetery..”

…writes Sharon L. Well, hmmm. Come to think of it, you usually DO know what you’ll find in a cemetery.


Anyway, she goes on to add, “This little guy is only about a week old and was seen in the Allegheny Cemetery here in Pittsburgh. The lashes!! The eyes!! So tiny. Please remind people that a fawn all alone more than likely isn’t abandoned. Leave it alone. Momma leaves them in a safe place and comes back to nurse. It’s fawn season!!!”

[*Note: People, we have a BIG Wombat Wednesday cued up for you. Kodie went on his first date! #REDONK. PLUS: Bebeh (REDACTED) Wearing (REDACTED)! And (hopefully)…a surprise from Japan. Waiting on the video. One word: Owls. -Ed.]

Mr. McChubbersons Gets His Bark On

Watch Mr. McChubbersons get all wiggly and wobbly as he plays with his friend from the nearby woods.