The Schnozz Boss

Welcome. You finally leveled up. The temple guards were defeated, the two torn halves of the map fit, the right crystals exploded, you collected coins, avoided traps and obliterated my armies. You’ve come a long way. Now you must speak the Correct Password to the Keeper of the Last Door; The Schnozz Boss!

Deb B., says her 4 month old Great Dane, Sif, is “nosetastic!” Agreed! Nosevembertastic even!

Maybe It Will Be This One…

Wilma says, “Here is a frog nose trying to get a kiss from me to turn into a prince – it worked!”

I’ll have what she’s having.

Another Day in Nosevember Paradise

Peeps, with all the hustle and bustle this time of year, you need some more nosicle time. You do.

Those whiskers are off the frizzy-dar, Crysta S.! This is Nacho, who was born at Spoiled Rotten Chinchilla Rescue, on National Nacho Day, amigos.

There’s More to Life than Booping Noses…

But not much.

Kristine M.’s pup is named Snarf. Yes, Snarf!

Send Us A Nosetacular Photo, Best 3 Win Cute Overload Calendars!

Unless you’ve been hiding under a ‘tock, you’ve seen the jumbo-sized Nosevember posts, right?

We’re gonna do One Last Nosevember Blast—and this time there’s something EEN EET for U!

1. Find your most nosetacular, schnozzle-riffic pet and snap a photo.
2. Send it to us! Make sure that photo is as huge as poss.
3. The top three submeeshes will be featured on Cute Overload on November 30th and get Obviously Fabulous 2013 Cute Overload Calendars!

Submission deadline is 10am PT on Thursday the 29th. So get to woik! Schnozzles UP!

Dumbo by Stephanie O, Henry from Christy B, Alba c/o Janne, Cailin via Vicki N, and Banjo from John B.

I Smell Thanksgiving Coming Up. Top Twenty Nosevember Schnozzles 3.0

What better way to prepare for Thanksgiving than with some turkey, dressing, pumpkin pie, and….noiscles! We’re whipping out yet another MASSIVE EXTRA REDONK NOSE-A-THON as a Special Holiday Thanksgiving Prep Bonus!

Remember Black Friday’s actually starting in 48 hours around 8-ish if ya can beleef eet. Instead of battling all those other peeps, why not fire up the MacBook Pro and order one of these?

[I thought we said no commercial plugs in schnozzle posts. Wait- what am I saying? Buy ten of them. -Ed]

1. Bundle UP, Munchkin!

From Karen H.!

2. Hello There, Olive

From Oren B.

3. Pepper The ResQte Lab!

“Pepper is a 5 year old rescue lab and was ‘red tagged’ to be destroyed in 24 hours when we found her 30 days ago,” sez Stuart S of Malibu, MHS ’78.

4. I Could Baroo At ANY Second!

Maxster from Alison S.

5. O HAI, Heidi

The Heid-Ster was sent in from Jessica R, who we presume survived this kitteh grumpiness.

6. Perseus Jackson

Reports Beka M: “This is my adorable doxie Percy, aka Perseus Jackson, doing what he does best, sticking his nose in my face!”

7. Ah’d Rather Have Carrots Than Turkey

Kelly sent us thees bountiful PEEG PIC.

8. Minnie Is No Mouse

Kibblenibble: “This is my Minnie’s cute nose. She has only half a moustache. :-)”

9. Cold Nose, Warm Heart

Puppeh Tybee from Cuteporter Lucy K.

10. OMGPONIES!!!!1!1!1111!!!!!1!!!

Via Bri Glazier.

11. SOMEone Caused A Ruckus!

“If you look carefully at this big nose, you’ll see that one nostril looks a bit wonky. Why? Our big dog, Ruckus, was stung by some nasty kind of wasp. At one point his right eye almost swelled shut due to a hyper-sensitivity to stings. Thankfully a vet told us the right dose of Benadryl to give him, and since then we got a First Aid for Dogs pamphlet,”says Charmian Z.

12. TEDDY!

Comments Terra V: “Theodore hopes you’ll forgive him for scraping his nose on the fence trying to catch a squirrel.” We do, Terra, we do!

13. Thelma From Pomona, Hello!*

Vanessa P, we thank thee! (*Larry King used to do this, remember?)

14. Ah Needs A Name, STAT

The leetle critter needs a name- can anyone help Fabiola K out in the comment secshun? Franx.

15. We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat

Shark Week Nose Model: Elvis Rocco Mac-Bua (Mini-ish Dachshund,) by Lauren M.

16. Really, Reilly?

Aislinn M gets a lot of leaf raking help from Reilly! (Not really.)

17. You’re Ma Angel, Come N’ Save Me To-niiight

Sarah C says: “This is Angel. She is highly unimpressed.”

18. Flopper Disapproval Duly Noted, Sah!

Flopper The Flemish Giant Bun from Joanne M, photo by Amy.

19. If the Nosicle Wasn’t Enough…

Holy Puppehs, Batman! (Thees puppeh ees named Robin and comes from Anna G.)

20. Four For One!

Amber G: “This is Poppy and she has the most adorable pink and black nose. She uses it to smell every. Single. Grass. Blade.”

Encore! Top Twenty Nosevember Schnozzles 2.0

Presenting Version 2.0 of Terrific Nosevember Honkers submitted by You, our Peeps. Keep those nose-tacular submishes coming! WE WANNA SEE SOME SCHNOZZ-NOZZLE ACTION HERE.

Want to see your ani-pal in a Nosevember post? Send us a photo to use here! Just two weeks to go ’til the end of Nosevember! The bigger the image, the better! No thumbnailz allowed—we want maximum schnozzle action!

No more disclaimers n’ disclosures—let’s rock!

1. “Greyhounds RULE Nosevember!”

Quote and pup Blink by Karen A.

2. Get the Fünk OUTTA here

Tobias Fünk kitty from Katie B.!

3. Dill The Kitteh featuring Super Extreme Close-Up!

By Meg M.

4. Cav Borderline Baroo

Cavalier Prosh Fix supplied by Celine C.


Tori B: “Brynna likes to put her nose into everything!” Really?

6. Cosmo: Got Nosicles?

From Hana L submitted succinctly: “Cosmo the Borzoi for Nosevember Schnozzles!”

7. Finchy Finchersons

Finch’s hoomin is Billie J., who thinks The Finchster “is pretty darn cute!” Copy that.

8. Sir Nigel Tiberius Whiskerfield

Jane N. wins the award for best kitteh name evah. P.S., she adds “I am obsessed with Cute Overload. Obsessed.” No prob.

9. Max Close-Up Allowed By Law In All 50 States

The Magical Kitteh Merlin, sent een by Robert S.

10. Our Lil’ Buddy

“Please consider my sub-mee-shons of my dog Buddy, who I lost last month to kidney failure. He was a sweet boy who lived a year after his diagnosis.” Sorry to hear of your loss, Yumiko T.

11. Got Teef?

Kelly L fills us in: “This is one of my very favorite pictures of our calves from Primrose Farm in Saint Charles, IL. I think it is pretty HURRDURRTASTIC.”

12. “My Dude Winston”

Winston was zapped our way by Nicholas E.!

13. Let The Sunshine In

I.J sez: “Here’s my little ratbag Sunshine! She’s a Dumbo Rex and her hobbies include climbing Mount Wardrobe, eating candle wax and flirting outrageously with the boy rats in the cage next door.” WHAT. IN. THE. WORLD.

14. Eli The Collie On Alert!

Melanie C: “I love how the sky can be seen through his nostril. LOL”

15. Izzy From The Windy City

Maggie S. tells us “Izzy gets shy with her regular greyhound nose (and it gets chilly here in Chicago), so sometimes she lays like this with her paw over her face to keep warm.” Maggie, can’t you buy one of those new Schnozzle Warmers?

16. Outrageous Prosh Bambi Snoot Right Heyeh

JoAnna Y. sent this super-prosh critter in.

17. !FIRST! Wild Burro

A unique submishe from alert reader Tom H.

18. You Nose A Fly’s Gonna Zip Een There!

“This is Fly By Night,” sez The Delightful Miss Fee. Wheeeee.

19. Beaks Still Count, People!

Siobhan S reports: “Okay. Here is our macaw, Harley, playing under a quilt. Daddy Bird (AKA my hubby, Aaron) lifted the covers for a peek and a pic.”

20. The Intellectual Look

Janne tells us: “I’ve submitted photos of my Spanish Greyhoundess Alba before, because I think she’s mighty cute, but now that Nosevember is here, I feel obliged to try again!” Snorf.

Top 20 Nosevember Schnozzles

Smell this!

It’s our first installment of Nosevember Honkers submitted by You, our Peeps. Keep those nose-tacular submishes coming! And remember, THE SCHNOZZULAR, THE BETTER. IfyouknowwhatImean.

Roll ’em!

1. The Force is Strong with this Schnozzle

Submitted by Jedi Susan G.

2. Parker Sur L’Herbe

PLUS Bendable Schnozzle Action

Parker pics portrayed by Pippa S.

3. Kinto the Akita (Sniffular Close-Up Action)

Via alert nose expert Alyssa W.

4. Beady Eye Factor: Off Scales

Melissa S. says “our dog Jammies proudly displaying the spoils of his favorite
past time: rolling in the mulch after swimming. It is the dog equivalent of getting breaded.”

5. Sparky “The Tongue” Kaboom

Sparky Kaboom (what an exquisite name) by Yasmin N.

6. Scrappy Mustachy

From Chrissy K: “This is our Jack Russell Terrier Scrappy, and her cold, squishy nose. I like to take super close-up pictures while she’s cozy in her fuzzy blankies!”

7. Olive [Max Stubbular’s fashionable cousine]

Lauren C. reports: “My one year old Corgi Olive loves her festive fall scarf!” OK, Calm down, Lauren.

8. Skye Budgiebird Wants In On This

Anastasia M tells us: “I got her in March of 2009 as a rescue. By some weird mutation her little cheek patches (which should be circular) are heart-shaped!” OK,  those cheek patches are pretty adorbs.

9. Mishka The Unimpressed

Massive St. Bernard action from Anne S.

10. Enzo—He’s 110% Schnozzle

PLUS: Enzo Encore

Shubbmitted by Shubbe.

11. Stella the Slippery Nosicle!

Dripping cuteness by Nina M.

12. Teddy – Smaller Schnozzle but Still very Potent and Deadly

Bravely captured and sent in by Monika T.

13. (I’ll call him) George. The Bun.

Meghann M. reports: “I have attached a photo of my grumpy bunny George displaying his beautiful nose. Thanks for the website, it’s cheered me up many a time!” [Say in Scottish Highlands voice for the ‘many a time’ part]

14. Intense Grassular Sniffage

Blame your hay-fever on Janey E.

15. The eyes say ‘Nyerhe’ and the NOSE SAYS YES

Rocco’s hoomin is Muffy M.

16. I don’t always pose for Nosevember photos, but when I do, it’s for

From Katherine R. in Hong Kong: “In light of Nosevember I submit this nose-a-licious photo of my pup Muebles. This photo was taken while we were all on a junk trip here in Hong Kong.” Thank you for staying on top of Nosevember halfway around the world from us, Katherine.

17. Sleep-overs in the Sleep Sack

18. Godiva [Please Note: Privacy Tail]

Revealed by Laurie D.

19. Fanged Geoffrey

PLUS: Geoffrey (Extreme Fang LOL)

Geoffrey, also known as “The Mealworm Monster” was sent in by Nikki Y.

2o. And Finally, Nosevember’s Tiniest Schnozzle: Snoopy

More of Snoopy, a new Cute Overload favorite, here.

Want to see your ani-pal in a Nose-vember post? Consider submitting a photo to us here! Meg out [mic drop]

Come Closer, Darling

Shhh. Don’t speak, don’t speak.

Let only our noses communicate.

Laurie D. tells us, “this is my Mom’s dog, Godiva. A beautiful,
 retired racing greyhound who frequently tries to hypnotize you this way.” [IN NOSEVEMBER! – Ed]

Zero The Nosevember Hero

Sender-Inner Sheila S tells us about this Redonk Nose Pose:

When I saw the post about Nosevember I just knew you needed this photo! This is our greyhound, Zero (named after the ghost dog in Nightmare Before Christmas) on vacation on a beach in Oregon. Thanks for all the cuteness!

Totally our pleasure, Sheila.


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