“Maybe He’s Too Big And Drooly”

That headline is part of the email we got; here’s the rest! “Hello! This is Chaucer, my eight year old English Mastiff. He and I have long been fans of Cute Overload but we didn’t know if maybe he’s “too big and drooly for its hallowed pages.” But then we thought, Hey, Nosevember might be a good fit for us! Cheers, Ellie and Chaucer.”

[*Note: PS- He can NEVER be “too big and drooly.” -Ed.]


Yes, That One’s Juicy, You Betcha

Classic Example of Rule of Cuteness #13: “Juicy” eyes & noses are Cute. “Here’s a photo of my cuddle cat, Circe, showing off the cute Maru-like freckle on her nose!” -Nancy K.

The Return Of The Merlinator

We thought this yellow schnozzola looked familiar, and indeed, it made (along with the rest of him) an appearance on these pages one year ago. “Hi Cuteologists! Here’s a Nosevember submish from my red-sided Eclectus Parrot, Merlin Birdie (a.k.a. The Merlinator,)” says Susan R.

“He’s been featured on Cute Overload before (and during last Nosevember) but he doesn’t let it go to his head. Around these parts, we think he’s got the most beautiful, candy-corny nose/beak evah!”

All photos (and hover below) by his human servant, Susan (a.k.a Mommeh.)



“So, about 8 years ago, we met Jack The Mystery Terrier at the shelter. He was about 12 weeks old and as far as we can tell, he’s a cross between a Build-A-Bear and…Tub Floof.”

[*Note- the original photo shown above was titled “Muppet Dog,” so there’s that, too. -Ed.]

“We adopted him mostly due to a series of shameless lies that involved his ability and eagerness to do laundry and windows. By the time we realized we’d been swindled, it was too late to take him back. Here’s Jack as a puppy so you have an idea of the level of grifter we were up against.” -Michelle B.

Snow. In Early NOSEVEMBER?*

[*Note- This is actually December snowfall from last year. -Ed.]

“Having a new puppy during one of the longest, coldest winters I can remember here in Northern Minnesota was quite a circus,” says Cassie N.
“We picked up Phoebe the German Wirehaired Pointer last Nosevember and she needed lots of exercise! Phoebe was just under 4 months old in this photo. She had lots of fun in the snow this day, despite it being -24F! She outgrew her coat just in time for spring! Taken on 12-16-13.”

An Appeal for Decency

This Nosevember, we at Cute Overload wish to address a serious topic: nose hunting. Each year, dozens of innocent animals are hunted just to turn their noses into trophies. We urge you to contact your elected representative to demand an end to this barbaric and wasteful practice, and also to do something about the CIA satellites that beam show tunes directly into my head. Thank you.

Via Reddit.

Nosevember Flutterby

Check out these photos by Steve Shinn. This lil’ Flutterby coulda landed anywhere he/she wanted, but instead decided to park it right on this fellow’s honker.




“Saw this post on Buzzfeed. Isn’t being the tiniest of your kind a rule of cuteness somewhere? And landing on a nose in November Nosevember is brilliantly played by the little guy too!” – Kristen D.

I Will Flat Do Anything This Puppeh Wants

Want to go for a long walk? Chase some squirrels and cats? How about a thick juicy steak? I mean, I’ll do whatever you want.

“This is Scrappy Doo. She’s my cuddlebug and her nose knows when there’s food because she quickly gets into begging mode. I’m in nursing school so I don’t get to see her during the week and I really miss her. Your website helps me get my cute-fix in when I’m away from her. Thank you.” -Sandra L.

THIS JUST IN: Update on Gini the Pup

Gini the pup was part of our Epic Top Fifty Schnozzles review, clocking in at #18.

Sender-Inner Melinda had said Gini was very ill, with something wrong with her kidney. Melinda now writes: “I have a good news! Gini is fine now. She has a very rare disease called Addison’s. Our pet-vet discovered it after 2 weeks. We thought she will pass, but finally with 4 pills per day we can cure it. So thank you for your nice words, and that you take her picture to the site!”


Oh, Deer

The nose is real and the antlers are fake. No, no, the antlers are real and the nose is fake. No, wait a minute, the nose is real, the antlers are real and the eyes are fake!

Sender-Inner Soren says this is Trixie, the Christmas Greyhound.