At The Tone, It Will Be: 11:59pm PT, Nosevember 30th

That means we have ONE minute to get the very last post for Nosevember up. ACK! And here it is.

“Thank you for the daily joy you bring ussss! This is my friend’s dog and his beautiful little schnozzle. He is a seven and a half month old chocolate “Pupsicle” (Puppy + Popsicle) and I get to be his auntie! Thought you may enjoy this picture since it’s Nosevember! (For one more minute. -B.) Thank you for your time and consideration! Have a great week! ” -Kiko A.


Kissing Nosevember Goodbye

Though it’s still Nosevember here on the West Coast, we’re now officially into December back east, so we gotta start windin’ things down. But…not quite yet! Who do we have here? “Dear CuteOverload~
As we kiss Nosevember goodbye in order to make way for Christmas, I’d like to share a photo of Juni the Wonderbunny demonstrating the proper nose-to-nose kissing technique she has developed! Isn’t she lovely?! Thank you! We love Cute Overload! Sincerely, Jan S.”

Prosh Pommie Power!

We still have time to get this Little Button Nose the post it deserves, do we not? It’s still Nosevember! This is my gentle, soft and fluffy Dolce,” writes Lisa C. of Rhode Island. “She is so pretty! She barks too much, and sleeps on my head at night, but I just love her to death!”

Grand Nosevember Finale!

Time for a big ol’ honkin’ Nosevember Finale. Thank you to all the hoomins who sent in their photos! Above, we have Dingo The Saucy Bossy Wahwah from Heather & Brandon O. Other names and assorted comments are in the hovers, right? And….here we go!


Riley (2)













And…… beak.


Lilly Want A Banana?

“Hi there! I don’t think you can finish Nosevember without having at least one Bull Terrier, they’re at least 80% nose 😀 . This is our pup Lilly! She’s waiting patiently for a banana. Credits: Jam N.”

Good Grief! Just A Reminder:

1.) Today is the last day of Nosevember, and Snoopy’s Snoot definitely qualifies in that regard.

2.) A Charlie Brown Christmas is on tonight (check local listings!)

3.) This image is part of a desktop wallpaper series from the Snoopy Big J. site- download yours here.

Maybe The Best Nosevember Shot….Ever?


“Is it too late to send in a photo of the most freckled nose on the planet? (NOPE. -Ed.) Because my darling Cassius owns it. And yes, he inherited his freckles from his mum.” -Vanessa S.

Kermit The Frog Dog

Little K is rockin’ the “Two Flaps Down” look, and there’s the beginning of a quality Baroo in the bottom photo. Good job, Kermit! “Hello! I wanted to get my dog Kermit’s pictures in before ‘Nosevember’ was over. He has a very prominent schnoz. Thanks for checking him out!” -Tiffany B., Kermit’s mom and the photographer.


Only Two Days Left!

Today and tomorrow, and that’s EET for Nosevember- so keep those submissions coming! We’ve been posting them as fast as we can, and we’re leading off BUNDAY with some True Nosevember Disapproval. “This is a picture of my rabbit Zoef. I think he totally disapproves of Nosevember! I would love to see him on my favorite website!”

[*Note: “Zoef?” What’s the backstory there? -Ed.]

Hey Little Buddy!

He looks pretty innocent, does he not? Ah, but take a moment to read this email from Natalie B…..and ye shall nose the truth!

“This is Buddy (formerly known as Terror), our Yowser (Yorkie/Schnauzer mix), and his magnificent fluffular nose. He is made of curly fluff, loves cuddles and chewing up pretty much anything left at nose height (including without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing: apron strings, ball launchers, belt bags, dog brushes, egg cartons, garden canes, hoses, insoles, local papers, paint pots, phone handsets, pizza leaflets, scissors, shoes, shoelaces, toilet rolls, vests.)”