Nosevember 1st : 24 Hours Of Noses @ 2:22am PT

Can’t tell what’s more compelling, the NOSE or those EMERALD EYES!

As seen on the Mostly Cats Mostly Tumblr, via The Fechi Fajardo Flickr. (FFF)

24 Hours Of Noses continues…

Nosevember 1st : 24 Hours Of Noses @ 1:11am PT

Bebe, you’ve got the right idea. It’s time to hit the sack. (Don’t forget to pull in the tongue- or get one of those Automatic Tongue Retractors. If you leave it out for more than 5 minutes, SSSSSSNAP back it goes. As seen on TV. Honest!)

From Cuteporter Mary N. 24 Hours Of Noses continues…

Nosevember 1st : 24 Hours Of Noses @ 12:00am PT

Whew! We just got done with Halloween, and here we are goin’ right into Nosevember! Let’s not waste time- this is our first Nosevember post of the day, featuring Quinten The Pug!

From Julie S. Click here to send us your pet’s Nosevember photo! We might just use it sometime this month!

24 Hours Of Noses continues…

Mix ‘Tocktober And Nosevember Together, And Get…


“I was at a pumpkin patch farm last weekend and saw these guys snoozing and immediately thought of ‘Tocktober and Nosevember for some reason and snapped this photo to share with you!” -Tamaly.


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