Rule Of Cuteness #47: Splayed Haunch Action Is Cute

Callie Mae is showing correct form here.

photo (2)
Callie is anticipating…

Some cake action coming her way.

photo (1)
Then after the sugar high comes The Big Crash.

photo (3)
“My rescue dog Callie Mae – she has adorable freckled ears!” -Christine L.


Caturday + Nosevember = Catvember?

“I check out Cute Overload every day and it’s a great way to start my day. I’m submitting this picture of my straight ear Scottish Fold, Emily. I thought her beautiful heart shaped nose would be a perfect tribute to Nosevember. I hope you think so too.” -Renee G.

“PS, CO always makes me feel better about the world when I get down about things, especially about the way animals are treated. It’s such a positive site.”

We’re Halfway Through Nosevember

And to mark this occasion: we present MONTGOMERY! That is one magnificent schnoozle. Or schnozzle.

“I have been a huge fan for almost seven years now! Talk about time flying by. My fiance and I rescued our basset hound, Montgomery, back in January. He heard y’all were celebrating Nosevember and thought he could contribute. My fiancee snapped this photo while Montgomery was watching him eat lunch.” -Angie M.

Pink. Armadillos. In. Argentina.

Cuteporter Nicky B. spotted this on Boing Boing. “Just in case you guys hadn’t been alerted about this already!”

Uh, no, we hadn’t. WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?

And Wendy M. wrote in to add: “It has a ‘butt plate.'”





Photos as seen on Science News!

Boo Radley

Cuteporter Quinn E. sent this great photos in. “This is our ResQte dog, Boo Radley,” she says. Prime Nosevember MATERIAL!

boo nose lick
“November 10th was the 1-year anniversary of adopting this snuggly mutt!”

“It would be a dream come true to have his shiny, black, extremely boopable schnozzle featured on Cute Overload for Nosevember!”

happy boo
“These photos were taken by my husband, Aaron E.”

The Zen Of Russell

Russell? Oh, Russell? There’s a feather on your snoot. In case you wanted to know. If not, then we’re all good. OK?

“This is my seven-year-old French bulldog, Russell. He lives in London and is generally oblivious to the things that get stuck to his face.” -Caitlin C.

Everybody Take Cover!

♪ ♫   ♪ ♫

I don’t know,

Oh, I don’t know,

I don’t know,

Where I’mma gonna go,

When the schnozzola blow!

“This is Doralice Ribeiro. She has a cute white goatee.” -Leila P.
“My best furry friend, Buns (AKA Satchel). Bonus: bunny leeps.” -Joanne P.
“This is my sheltie, Dengar.” -Liisa M.
“My donkey saying hello!” -Jaclyn J.
“Miso!” -Deborah N.
“Volcano” song lyrics by Jimmy Buffett, Keith Sykes, and Harry Dailey.

Goofball Gulliver

“This is the face I see every morning as he rolls around under the kitchen table as I eat breakfast…

…I think he’s trying to beg, but he hasn’t quite figured it out yet. He’s a goober but we love him!” -Christina V.

Stop and Smell the Noses

It’s Nosevember! Snorf or be snorfed!




“Daisy.” -Angela R.
“I present to you Mia the cat’s chin and nose after she decided to explore a bouquet of flowers (getting her nose and chin stained with pollen in the meantime!).” -Chrissy K.
“Our Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever puppy, named Fozzie.” -Elizabeth C.
“Sir Nigel Tiberius Whiskerfield and his adorably spotty nose.” -Jane N., “ps-I am obsessed with Cute Overload. Obsessed.”

Hey Pup, Your Nose is Running

You better go catch it! …nyuk yuk yuk

Fave Frame:

“I thought you might like this video I made trying out a new camera whilst playing with my brother’s dog, Mustard. Cheers, Fraser. Via YouTube