An Australian Cheesehound? What?

“This is Addie, our sweet Australian Cheesehound (the only one!). She does EVERYTHING with her nose/snoot: burying her bone in the couch, grocery inspections, sticking it into her butt for warmth, and general ‘what is that??’ pokes. Here she is snoozing on the couch showing everyone her glorious nose-piece.”

That’s from Jooliah in Sacramento. We couldn’t let “Australian Cheesehound” go by without FURTHUR INQUIRY. Her response: “That is correct! She’s some sort of cattle dog hound mix who LOVES cheese. The sound of the cheese drawer, or baby bell wrapper, will wake her from a deep sleep!”


This Is What’s Called “In Your Face”

“This is my miniature dachshund Dokidokiyummychums. [Er, run that one by us again? -Ed]. Her nose (much like the rest of her) is gloriously long.” -Jessica G.


Last Call For Nosevember!

We’re headin’ into the last week of Nosevember! Daisy, what do you think about that? (PS- need a little styling gel or something on top there.)

“She is the happiest girl in the world, and would really love to be on CO. This pic is perfect for Nosevember!” -Rick & Carol P.

This Nosevember Post Brought To You By Close-Up!

Let’s see some big smiles!

Look, Ma, no cavities!

Tingling fresh!

Makes moufs happy!

Smile, that’s the style!

“Greyhounds totally rule Nosevember!! Our girl Honey is not shy when it comes to stealing our furniture for her power-naps.” -Audrey H.
“Kit, the Doxie, has a got a great nose AND smile, don’t you think?” -Jo B.
“This is our whippet, Nessa. She has the most lovely nose and sleeps with her mouth half open.” -Pam.
“Nosevember Cavalier” -Celine C.
“A close up of the very ornery Ellie.” -Carrie D.

Git Along Li’l Dogie Noses

Woopee tee tiny yi yo…





“In recognition of Nosevember, my Boston terrier, Rupert. His nose is rather small. But it’s still cute. And in the wintertime, it’s usually the only thing peeking out from under whatever blanket he’s wrapped up in.” -Rachael H.
“My dog Buddy, who I lost last month to kidney failure. He was a sweet little boy who lived a year after his diagnosis.” -Yumiko T.
“This is our 12 week old English Bulldog, Bucky. Had to get a pic of her little schnozzle while she was sleeping, as she moves around too much when she’s awake!” -Lex S.
“I submit for your consideration: Mr. Darcy.” -Gabby W.
“This is Pip!” -Roxann S.

Nosevember: Frankie Says Relax

And what Frankie says, Frankie does.

“Hi! This is my friend’s dog Frankie. He is a rescue pup with a gimpy front leg and he is a rat terrier Australian cattle dog mix and most adorable!” -Cuteporter Parker.

Put A Little Nose-Variety In Your Life!

Puppehs, Kittehs, Deers, Peegs, Heffalumps—we got ’em all! (Creditos inside the hovers For Your Convenience.)








And just because, well, just because we CAN:


Now it’s Time to Relax, Com-pleat-ly

Tie-tie pup wanted to become one with the pillow, but this is a bit much.

Via The Bark Post -Smedley

Bassets’ Best Asset

Dw’aww, is it The Nose or The Ears?

Must be The Nose but there’s The Ears again. Or, is it The Eyes?

How about The Nose with Princess Di Eyes?

Wait, we have a late surprise contender! The Smile is shaking things up.

Ka-CHING! All Of The Above.

“This is Charlie. He really wants to be a part of NOSEvember and NovembEAR —- NOSEvembEAR maybe? Hope he brings a smile to your face!” -Emily S.

Summon Forth the All-Seeing Horse Head of Destiny!

Ahh, I foresee much danger in your future… I see a tall, mysterious Eskimo with a unibrow… he brings news about giraffes plotting against you… a pogo stick is involved… I… I cannot continue without a sugar cube…

Found on Facebook by Vajda B.