And Let’s Say Night Night With Norbert!

That’s all for C.O. for today, but we’ll return tomorrow with the first RATS, IT’S MONDAY of the year. We’ll leave you now with this latest Norbert photo, wishing everyone a Happy New Year. (When Norbie is around—EVERY year is a Happy New Year!) (Image from Norb’s FB.)


Norbert Meets Sawyer

Norbster flew out to Sacramento yesterday (Air Norbert?) to meet Sawyer, an eight year old boy battling cancer. As you can tell, the meeting went rather well!

Make It A Norby Christmas

Already bummed because I KNOW Norbert won’t be under our tree tomorrow morning. Then again, I have been good allllll year. So- we’ll see. (Image via Norby FB.)

High Five, Norbert!

THERE we go! Great JOB, Norbie! (Wait- that’s BUB’s line.) OK- WAY TO GO, Norbie!

Nice Shirt There, Norbie!

But does he have an Ugly Christmas Sweateuh Sweateuw hanging in the closet? (Image from Norbster’s FB page.)

The World Needs Norbert More Than Ever

And here he IS in all his, er, Norbertish glory. Image from Norbie’s FB page.

Time For A Snack, Norbert

Norb’s hoomin is about to hand him a treat. Wonder what Norbert does NEXT? (Hint: the treat doesn’t last long.)

Happy Norbert-Ween!

If this little guy comes trick or treating to MY door, he can have anything he wants!

The Cute Overload Halloween 2015 Celebrayshe continues

The Littlest Dragon

Norbert’s got his Fierce on in anticipation of Halloween on Saturday night. Now, have they started making Norbert Halloween costumes? Do they come in adult sizes….I hope?

Brand New Norbie Video!

It’s been way too long since our last Norbster video, so here we go! The plot is not too complicated- Norbert gets a treat, makes all sorts of nomming noises, and smiles.