Tomato: It’s What’s For Dinner

I don’t think this little fellow objects to what’s on the menu at all, do you?


#Nosevember Piggy Preview!

It’s just a little more than two weeks off- we thought you’d like this Piggy Nosevember Preview!

(Lost At E Minor.)

Let’s Give Thanks, Eh?

It’s still about a month and a half ’til Thanksgiving in the US. But guess what! TODAY is Thanksgiving in Canada! Break out the Pumpkin PIE!! Deets from Sender-Inner Courtney S.:

“I know many people don’t think reptiles can be cute, but I thought these pictures of Nacho Cheese (our Crested Gecko) eating his (Canadian) Thanksgiving pumpkin pie might change some minds!”

“The pumpkin pie is made out of all gecko-safe ingredients. The recipe is here.”

You can find more Nacho Cheese pictures on Instagram and on Tumblr using the “#nacho cheese the crestie” tag.



Rats, It’s Monday

And what’s on the breakfast menu for today? How ’bout some ‘SKETTI?

Another Quality Smedley Find.

[*Update: Let’s try THIS one. -Ed.]

Spend Your Bunday With Duffy And Benson

These two big guys are just relaxin’ on a Bunday- hey, it IS their day after all- chowing down on “lemon balm.”

“Here’s our two bunnies enjoying there favourite herb, lemon balm. It helps them chill out on a Sunday morning. Duffy is on the left and Benson on the right.” -Kevin & Ann.

Are You Gonna…Eat That?

[Lemme just get that little Count Chocula marshmallow there, K? Hold STILL!]

ResQte Of The Week: Waynesboro, VA.!

Waynesboro is our destination for this week’s Thursday edition of ResQte of the Week! “This is a video of a young Beaver nomming on a small branch,” says Mieke Z. “It was filmed by a great organization: the Wildlife Center of Virginia, where he – along with numerous other birds and beasts – is being rehabilitated. (Note: The center also offers classes for wildlife rehab-ber trainees!)”

[*Note: Speakers UP for the nomming. -Ed.]

TWO Pigs….ONE Blade Of Grass

Guess which one is going to win!

Caturday Pizza To Go

[This haz anchovies on it but dat’s OK, I steal it anyway?]

“This is my cat, Milagro, stealing pizza from a plate and trying to escape with it. He loves food. For once, I had my iPhone close by and caught him in the act right in front of me at the counter. I’ve been a C.O. fan since 2006 when I had surgery and discovered your site. Happy 10th Anniversary! Shot by me, Milagro’s mom and devoted slave.” -Janet S.

This Is Supposed To Be A MAYMO Video

But….where’s Maymo?