MMMMM, Carrots!

Mike The Hamster knows that there’s nothing better than cuddling under the blanket with a nice tasty carrot.

(Tastefully Offensive.)


Getting Ready For Thursday

You know, Thanksgiving. Here we have a Bunch O’ Hedgies practicing their table manners ahead of Turkey Day. Om nom nom.

Give It UP For Rule #35!

I was all set to start another “Should this be a Rule” Poll when I discovered, uh, we already had one. So let’s not delay you clicking the video of A KITTEN NOMMING HIS/HER OWN PAW any longer. Wouldn’t be right.

(P.S. -Speakers Up.)

(Boing! Boing!)

Squeakers Speakers UP for this one!

Why have the usual Crunch N Munch for breakfast when you can have a Wilson 3?

From Richard B.: “Thought you might like this short video of my dog Jasper enjoying the great taste of a tennis ball. Those readers who have dogs may want to turn the volume down, though, as the noise tends to drive them insane. Jasper is a pug/terrier/something mix who came to us from from Fetching Hope Rescue in Maine/Arkansas. He loves long walks, nibbling on ears (human, dog and cat) and snoozing.”

NEW Maru: Makin’ Biscuits

The World’s Roundest Cat is in the mood to make some biscuits when he gets a hold of a cat toy, nom nom nom.

Nosevember: BEFORE…..


unnamed (1)
“I tried for quite a while to get a good “nose shot” of my boy, Bailey, aka “The Boo”. My fav has to be the last one.” -Kathy B.

Still Have Your Halloween Pumpkin?

If you carved it up, it’s probably on the way out. If you didn’t and it’s just sitting there- why not donate it to a good cause? Like dinner for these guys! Just leave it on the porch, and they’ll be right over.

(Note in the second video- they make great players/serving bowls, too!)

Ever Seen An Octopus Nom A Pumpkin?

Angela H. at the Monterey Bay Aquarium sent us this video last night- of a “Giant Pacific Octopus” nomming a pumpkin.

And now we have officially seen it all.

Remember Your First Halloween?

Getting your plastic pumpkin and costume by Ben Cooper (kids, ask your parents)- and NOMMING ON TINY PUMPKINS!

Thanks to Kim B. and Dawn P.

The Cute Overload Halloween 2015 Celebrayshe continues

In Which Gordo Visits Morro Bay

Gordo The English McBulldoggersons decided to visit Morro Bay, California- and brought his hoomins along to do the photography. GORDO DON’T EAT THAT! Good Griefersons. “Here we are at the dog beach located on the strand just north of Morro Bay. There is almost no one here today and Gordo zones in on his target right away: a huge chunk of seaweed (aka-kelp).” -Mariana S.