Caturday Morning Breakfast

[Dis stuff iz great! Nom nom nom; maybe we can go to Denny’s next Caturday?] (Speakers UP!)

ResQte Of The Week 3: Please Turn Up Your Speakers Now

That way you won’t miss the AMAZING NOMMING SOUNDS at the start of this video. Drink On, Little Cats.

Happy (Six Month) Birthday, Pickle!

This Amazingly Prosh Leetle Hoofster is now 6 months old! What should we have to celebrate? Pickles? No, of course not- too obvious. Cake? Well….maybe. Oh- I know. ICE CREAM.

Got Cantaloupe?

Jake 6-11-15“I would like to submit Jake the Sugar Glider for the world to see! He loves licking his cantaloupe as seen here! Have a super Cute day!” -Heather S.

[*Note: Let’s give it up for that LEETLE PEENK TONGUE, shall we? -Ed.]

Sniff. SNIFF? SNEEF!!!!


That’s a wrap for C.O. for the week- stand by for Rats, It’s Monday…Headline THIS..Dwight The Turtle…AND…C.O. Trading Cards #4!

“Ewe Go Ahead- We’ll Be Right There!”

A herd of sheep go for a stroll in Venice, Italy. Some of them decide to stop off for a quick nibble!


The Origin Of “Nomming”

Noms has become shorthand for “food,” and nomming has become shorthand for, you guessed it: eating. But have you ever stopped to think where the term originated? Think….Cookies.

What Do Four Week Old Corgis Do Best?

They nom their dinner LIKE CRAZED BANSHEES! (And look! They’re not stubbular yet!)

Hey Wally, We Know Your Fortune

“You will rip open this fortune cookie and nom it to bits.” Are we close?

Good Night From Esther The Wonder Pig

Time for a little late night snack. (Speakers up, please. To get the..FULL effect.)

That’s gonna wrap it for another week here at C.O. Rats It’s Monday is just around the corner (heck, it’s already Monday on the East Coast but we’re in Northern California, y’see) and we’ll kick things off with an excitable trip to Edgar’s Mission, and new videos from perennial nutcase Wally The Sqwerl, and New Maru!


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