Caturday Pizza To Go

[This haz anchovies on it but dat’s OK, I steal it anyway?]

“This is my cat, Milagro, stealing pizza from a plate and trying to escape with it. He loves food. For once, I had my iPhone close by and caught him in the act right in front of me at the counter. I’ve been a C.O. fan since 2006 when I had surgery and discovered your site. Happy 10th Anniversary! Shot by me, Milagro’s mom and devoted slave.” -Janet S.

This Is Supposed To Be A MAYMO Video

But….where’s Maymo?

Oh, Look. Someone Left Their Strawberry Here!

[Now let’s see, what shall I do with it? Just..walk on buy and pretend I didn’t see it? Or..put an ad in Craigslist, some kinda ‘STRAWBERRY FOUND’ ad but that would be stupid ’cause I’d have to say ‘describe the strawberry’ but they all look the same so I’d get scammed and what’s the point. OR…I could just eat it right here. Right now.]


100 Years Of Hammie Beauty..In 60 Seconds!

Hammies stuffing their muzzlepowches with carrots hasn’t changed that much over the years…has it? This is Joy The Rescued Hammie, via the Westchester Rescued Hamster Haven!


What Time Is It, Kids?

It’s dinnertime! The bottle warmers got dinner all toasty for ya, so here we go…down the hatch!

(Maureen P.)

Can’t A Guy Get Some Privacy?

20150910_104021(Say like Archie Bunker:) “I’m tryin’ to have a little lunch heah!!!!!”

“This little guy was a visitor at a Nursing Home today. He was a pet of someone visiting a Nursing home where I was working. That is a very yummy (apparently) turnip. I petted him and booped his belly. (That belly is as soft as it looks, just sayin.’) Thanks for always making my day.” -Lisa H.

Herman II

Yesterday we met Herman The Torty, diggin’ into a lovin’ spoonful of apple sauce. Today, Bok Choi is on the menu, and Herman positively loves him a hunk o’ Bok Choi, he does.

(From BJM. If we get anymore Herm videos, we’re just gonna number ’em, like the Chicago albums. He’s got his own tag, too.)



Herman Tries Apple Sauce

Herman The Tortoise has a Close Encounter with a bit of apple sauce and from the looks of things, this won’t be his last nom.

“This is Herman The Tortoise trying apple sauce for the first time. He’s 2 months old and we’ve only had him for a week, but the store we got him from informed us he’d only eaten re-hydrated pellet food, so we’ve been spoiling him with Kale, Bok Choi and …(unsweetened, pure) apple sauce.” -BJM.

Caturday Morning Breakfast

[Dis stuff iz great! Nom nom nom; maybe we can go to Denny’s next Caturday?] (Speakers UP!)

ResQte Of The Week 3: Please Turn Up Your Speakers Now

That way you won’t miss the AMAZING NOMMING SOUNDS at the start of this video. Drink On, Little Cats.


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