Ultimate Nomming Sounds HERE!

Wait ’til you hear little Mr. SquirrelPants chomp away on this Cheerio™! Needless to say, those speakers gotta go UP! Munchmunchmunchmunchmunch.

“My name is Eric and you posted a few of my videos of Pickles and Hazel the squirrels. I’ve been lucky enough recently that I happened to have an apprenticeship under a licensed rehabber offered to me – a position that I took. I am taking care of two orphaned squirrels – a boy named Zatoichi, and his sister Agnes.”


“♬ I’m A Pepper, You’re A Pepper ♫…”

Wouldn’t you like to be Peppers too, Maymo & Penny? (Here’s the theme song if you aren’t old enough to know it forgot it.)

Welcome To Wombat Wednesday

We’ve got a whole LOT of Wombat for ya today! Look at this massive furball mowing the lawn!

The Origin Of “Nomming”

Noms has become shorthand for “food,” and nomming has become shorthand for, you guessed it: eating. But have you ever stopped to think where the term originated? Think….Cookies.


Bikke The Munk is back! Check out the Slo-Motion Nomming, too!

Suitable For Nomming

Paws, toe beans, The Batman Ears- GAAAAAAAA. Want.

From the Tumblr of Kathy S.

Oooooooo, CABBAGE!

Back over to The Big J where they grow a lotta cabbage…and they also grow a lotta Shiba Inu puppehs.

Well, SOMEthing has to give here, no?

From Andrew Y, as seen on RN24.

Wally And The Watermelon

Now, doesn’t this sound like one of those books you got in school? You know, the ones from Scholastic Book Services? (New York, London, Sydney, Auckland. Or something like that.) In today’s video, Wally meets a watermelon and decides that it tastes pretty good. (Speakers UP for the Audible Nom Sounds.)

Got Fish?

[Oh, Rachel! You DO! Mind if I just, ooomph, er, OOOMPH! Get up here and…ahhh. Whew, I could stand to lose a few. OK. All set. Fork it over.]


Weapons Grade Cute, Part II

You might recall this epic clip from last week. It turns out this Munk is named “Bikke.” And what does Bikke like to do besides stretch, you ask? Nom sunflower seeds while watching…..I have no idea what that is.