Got Fish?

[Oh, Rachel! You DO! Mind if I just, ooomph, er, OOOMPH! Get up here and…ahhh. Whew, I could stand to lose a few. OK. All set. Fork it over.]


Weapons Grade Cute, Part II

You might recall this epic clip from last week. It turns out this Munk is named “Bikke.” And what does Bikke like to do besides stretch, you ask? Nom sunflower seeds while watching…..I have no idea what that is.

Lady Sadie

IMG_0038Are Sad Basset Hound Looks the BEST? They pook up their eyebrowns with that looooong, forlorn Eeyore look? You bet! So who do we have here? “Dear Cute Overload: My friend Lee adopted this 9-week old Basset hound and named her Lady Sadie. (Or maybe…Ladie Sadie?) She came equipped with a Martha Stewartâ„¢ collar in a hounds tooth (ha!) pattern, which was apparently tasty (above.) I hope you think she’s as redonkulously Cute as we think she is. Love you every day!” -Sarah R.


[*Note* -Our all-day St. Patrick’s Extravaganza is NEXT. -Ed.]

Bobbing Nomming For Apples


“The act of eating large amount of extremely delicious food, normally accompanied by the traditional ‘nom nom nom’ eating sound. ‘Dude, let’s qo to Wal*Mart and buy mad food so we can start nomming!'”

Yep. That fits. And now, without anymore delay- MICRO PIGGIES NOMMING APPLES! (Speakers up.)

(From VVV.) [*Note- Definition from Urban Dictionary. We’d link to it but they had off-color stuff on the page so we won’t. -Ed.]

Now This Is One Grape Video!

Check out Bebeh Beaver Hazel, doing her best Teddy Bear Nomming impression! (No sounds from Hazel, though.) And we thank the many Cuteporters who sent this in!

Nuthin’ Like A PB&J For Breakfast!

Ah, the heck with the J part, says Stephie The Goatster- just gimme the PB!!

A video by the Manning River Farm Animal Sanctuary.

Kris Kringle Did NOT Forget Edgar’s Mission

The Jolly Old Elf dropped off lots of watermelon for the EM friends Down Undah!


I Think He’s Saying, “I’ll Eat That”

Teddy Bear is back, and he brought his grabby hands with him. On the menu today: sweet potatoes! From DP&F.

So There U Are, Just Walking Along…

….minding your business. When all of a sudden, A BEBEH ARCTIC FOX POUNCES ON YOUR SANDALS! (With your feet in them.)


Well, you let him nom away, that’s what.


Who Needs A Fancy Store-Bought Dog Toy…

…when you can just nom the blazes outta your standard run-of-the-mill spray bottle?

“I was wondering if you would like to feature my new chihuahua puppy Luna on C.O. She is a Shih Tzu/Chihuahua cross. She is only about 7 weeks old in this video. I have always enjoyed the posts on your website and I hope you will enjoy this video as well.” -Ryan.


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