You Guys Watching the Dog Show?

Oh, man, I love the dog show! Yep, if there’s one thing us dogs like, it’s a dog show, am I right? Best thing about a dog show? None of those stupid cats you two love to beat up all the time! Nope, just red-blooded dogs, the way nature intended! I love being a dog!


Meow — er, woof, Mercedes M.


New Species Discovered: “Caturtle”

Cuteologists are cheering the discovery of the “caturtle,” a feline/reptilian hybrid equipped with a tough outer shell and a fuzzy inner body.


Hiding In Plain Sight

“Shhhh. Be vewwy, vewwy QUIET. I haz a secret hiding place?”

Saturday In The Park

So you’re a Lil’ Wiener Dog. It’s Saturday afternoon. Why not head off to the park for a little Nose Boop Balloon Action?

From DP&F. Headline by Chicago.

Say Hello 2 Tally, Won’t U?

This is Tally, a “Husky/Malamute/Little bit of something else” according to Bored Panda, where we found the story. It seems Tally likes to act like a Friendly Furry Feline. For example, Tally likes to sit like a cat, with everything all folded under.

Hiding inside boxes, who do we know that does that?




Originally posted on Reddit, Tally’s hoomin says “She was raised with cats by her previous owners, and they only gave me puppy pictures without the cats. I can’t prove she was raised with them or that she truly thinks she’s a cat.”





Fritz (Who Is NOT A Cat)

We’ve had a lot of Rules Of Cute Action going on lately. (Here, here, and here.) Just sorta fell together like that, ya know?

With that in mind, get a load o’ Fritz here, with the classic Rule of Cuteness #44: Ears at 9 and 3 are cute. And also Rule Of Cuteness #48: Tiny Tongues are cute.

From Marissa I.

And That’s A Wrap For Crufts

Saturday, we reported on the goings-on across the pond at the Crufts Dog Show in Birmingham, England. It ended yesterday with these stylish puppehs in attendance!

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From MSN News.

Roger, Rampart!

Dispatch: “Station 51, Station 51. Respond to report of a cat stuck in a tree. Corner of Gage & DeSoto. Time out 10:32.”
Ace The Puppeh: “Do we have to?”

photo 2
“Ace is a miniature dachshund who loves to play and be outside in this Texas weather. My father is a fireman, so I took him to visit the fire station when he was on duty, and took a few pics of him with the trucks and my dad’s helmet!” -Camaron C.

They Bought…….

….a cat. Coulda been a gerbil..a guinea pig..a bird..or a fish. But they got….a CAT.

The rather shell-shocked Louie, from Noelle and Michael B.

Welcome To Hov-Hov!

Hov-Hov is a bakery in Maribor, Slovenia, dedicated solely to doggehs! (Hoomins are welcome, but just to pay.) Hov-Hov means “Woof Woof” in Slovenian. Owner Nastja Verdnik creates all varieties of biscuits & muffins made just for canines.