Nan The Chick Is All The Way Back, People!

We’ve got a Nan The Chick Update! Yesterday afternoon, we spoke to Katrina P. who is in charge of Nan’s rehab. “We just took off the orange band-aid,” Katrina says. “Both legs are perfectly healed, and she’s flying!” See for yourself!

(But first, HEAR for yourself—click the button, for NAN PEEPS recorded on an iPhone!)

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Nan has been busy making friends with a friend’s cockatiel, as well as this Silkie named Clarice.

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She’s also been helping clean around the house!

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Dr. Gregory Rich is the vet in charge. Kudos to him! As far as finding out who was responsible for hurting Nan, Katrina says she has not heard anything from the Humane Society.

Nan likes to help around the automotive shop, too….

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And the computer. This is what’s known as “hunt & peck.”

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What does the future look like for Nan? “She’s staying with me!” adds Katrina.

All videos from Nan’s FB.


THIS JUST IN: Monday’s Nan The Chick Update!

Quoting the Nanster’s FB:

“Dr. Rich says Nan will be just fine. Give her another week and her left leg will be as strong as the right one. She’ll be running all over! YAY NAN!!!”

Turn this up and enjoy The Little Birdie’s recovery!



Music by Vince Guaraldi.

THIS JUST IN: Saturday Nan The Chick Update!

Here’s the very latest video from Nan The Chick’s FB.

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Anyone with info is asked to call the Humane Society at 1-888-6-HUMANE.

THIS JUST IN: More On Nan The Injured Chick

Yesterday we told you the plight of Nan The Chick who was intentionally struck by a pair of male skateboarders in New Orleans. Nan is on the mend at Kasia’s Ark Bird Rescue, who has set up a Facebook page.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Humane Society at 1-888-6-HUMANE.

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Video and images from Nan’s FB.

CO New Orleans Peeps, The Humane Society Needs YOU

This story is tough to take..but we need to get it out there. The HS is looking for two male skateboarders who allegedly ran over this bebeh chicken on purpose, breaking both its legs. According to, “A witness saw the skateboarders run over the chick Sept. 2 near Independence and Marais Streets. The witness took the bird to Metairie Small Animal Clinic where the chick was treated for its injuries. The chick, named Nan, is now recovering at Kasia’s Ark Bird Rescue. Anyone with information is asked to call the Humane Society at 1-888-6-HUMANE.”