Let’s See What You GOT, Animal

Dave Grohl is a big time rock and roller who plays guitar and drums. Animal is a big time rock and roller who plays drums and also happens to be a Muppet.

And something has to give.

Let’s Break The Internet OM NOM NOM

And now for something Completely Different. Hey, there’s a surprise guest in here, too.


Two Sides To Every Story




“BIG fan of your page and thought I’ll take a shot and try to Contribute With Cuteness. The first picture is of my hamster Edgar..just an ordinary Kodak Moment™, or is it? The second picture is of my bunny Vallmo..it’s how she usually looks when taking a nap (or just occupying the sofa).”

[Vallmo? Sounds like a table or a plate at IKEA. -Ed.]

“We all live in Örebro Sweden, hoping to see one/both on your blog soon, if not, love it anyways! Best Regards Caroline M.”

[And oh, just because we CAN…..]


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