Hold It- Gotta Tune My Head A Sec

UPDATED WITH BONGO FEET! [I use these so I don’t have to pay for cable. Of course, I don’t get any video, but I AM listening to ESPN now! Whoops, did I think that out loud?]



Ready For Action!

This Bebeh Harvest Mouse wants a piece of the action and wants it NOW. Is that Tailio ready for business or what? A Pinterest find from Smedley.

It’s Toesday, And There’s A Mouse In Marie G.’s House

Awww, the Cutest Little Beans you’ll ever see! “Found this little guy and have been nursing him since,” she says.

image (1)

image (2)

Ah, It’s One Of Those Howlin’ Wolf Mice There, Nahm

(Say like Cliff Clavin)

“Yeah, they’re indigenous to North and South America and pretty much everywhere else. Little Red Riding Hood was scared of this little guy, for sure.”

From Brandi W.

The Tiniest Hitchhiker

When you’re as small as this guy, cars driving past aren’t likely to SEE your little thumb sticking out. It’s better just to hop a ride when no one is looking.

“I work on an archaeological site in Poulton, Cheshire in England, completely surrounded by fields. This morning this wee little fella decided to try and stowaway in my backpack! (But since the town is no place for a field mouse, despite The Cute, I gently had to shoo him back out again.) –Alison A.

THIS One Will Just About Finish Ya Off

“Heylo! So you have probably had 50 people submit this already but just in case you haven’t seen it– bebeh mouse eating a flower! *thump* *ded* enjoy! 🙂 -Nicole D.”

Little Mouse On The Prairie

[It’s been a tough winter so far in Walnut Grove, but we’ve got a break in the weather today so I’m gonna look for some berries.]

Wood Mouse from Shutterstock.

A Mouse’s House, Part II (Sorta)

Remember when we told you about the mouse in the Norwegian house? Well, here’s a similar story. Kinda.

These little mice critters got flooded out. Now a local UK tennis club (actually it’s LAWN tennis over there, Wimbledon and all, tut tut) has come up with the idea to put tennis balls on sticks, so the little guys n’ girls can move in and settle down here!

From Teresa N.

A Mouse In The House

Sondre Strøm L. posted to the CO Facebook page. “A wild mouse moved into my house, and I started feeding it peanuts. Then I caught it on “tape”! It’s super cute! (It shows up about 27 seconds in..) Enjoy. :).” So you go to YouTube for more info:

Det bodde en mus hos meg en liten periode, jeg fora den med peanøtter og andre godbiter. Så en dag satte jeg opp webcameraet mitt (som har en overvåkingsfunksjon) for å se om jeg kunne catche den på teip! Og JADA! Jeg sier ikke mer, værsågod!

Had to run THAT bad boy thru The Google translate. I know it’s Norwegian, but it feels so Ikea to me. You know, a recliner named JADA?

There lived a mouse with me a little time, I forums it with peanuts and other goodies. Then one day I set up my webcam moraine (which has a monitoring function) to see if I could Catch it on tape! And JADA! I say no more, you’re welcome!

Now that we have THAT cleared up, let’s go to the videotape! And JADA!