“Go On…..Make Your Play.”

Rhesus monkey meets teddy bear at Woburn Safari ParkLooks like a showdown straight outta Gunsmoke (with Marshal Matt Dillon.) In reality, a stuffy and Rhesus Monkey stare each other down at Woburn Safari Park in Woburn, Bedfordshire, England.
(Nothing To Do With Arbroath.)

Toss That Banana Here! I’ll Catch It With My Foot!

When you have to compete for lunch with a zillion other little guys- you need to get creative!

“From my recent trip to Bali and the Sacred Monkey Forest. Bold, cheeky monkeys will steal everything, even the hardest heart. Isn’t there a Cute Rule about a baby animal with its foot out? Species is the crab-eating macaque, though this one is eating a teeny banana. Thanks for being the antidote to cynicism.” – Carrie, Brooklyn, NY.

“Hey Girl…”

“Look into my eyes, girl. What do you see? Something distracted you…..didn’t it?”

Young Master Algernon T. Farpherphaffle Contemplates His Afternoon Agenda

“(A jaunt through the forest on my favorite stallion, I wonder? Or perhaps to purloin father’s Packard for an afternoon of croquet at Mimsy’s. Or merely to retire to the library and untangle the Gordian knot of Plato. Or simply enjoy a tasty banana. A banana would be nice indeed. I like bananas. I even enjoy the word ‘banana.’ Banana. Banana. Baaaaaaah-naaaaaaaan-naaaaaaah.)”


Via Farhad Sadykov.

Mom Nose Best

The cheek of this little one! When he wants Mom’s attention…he just pulls the emergency lever.



(Mail Online.)

Monkey Bizness In Bali: “Take Care Your Stuff”

_DSC2507Cute Overload reader Eimear sure gets around. A couple of months back it was Turtles In Singapore, and now it’s Monkeys in Bali. “I recently visited the monkey forest in Bali and thought some of the pictures might be cute enough to submit to Cute Overload,” she says. “Especially the baby monkeys! Even though they tried to steal my phone and things, it was still an adorable experience.”

Her extensive travels are chronicled here, and her blog comments about each photo below are in the hovers.









Thunderbolts And Lightning, Very Very Frightening!

(Speakers up, natch!) Nothing like a snippet of Bohemian Rhapsody to put a jolt in your day, eh?

Smedley saw this on Pinterest.

Swingin’ Around With Aperil

Meet Aperil. Aperil likes to wear a hat. Aperil then bumps into things.

And so it goes.

She Gave Me The Finger..

..so I decided to grab it! It WOULD be nice to have a little Peanut Butter to nom on, though.

Oh, come on! - Imgur

Oh Sure, I’ll Eat THAT II

This monkey decides he’s gonna have whatever SNIFF? SNIFF? is inside this bag. And he ain’t sharin’ it with no darned seagull, ‘neither.

(Boing! Boing!!!)


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