Dad Ferry

If Mom can be a Taxi, it stands to figure that Dad…can be a Ferry, right?

Spotted on Boing Boing.

Mom Taxi XVI: Birthday Party

[Thanks for givin’ me a lift to the birthday party Ma. See you in about 3 hours or so?]


tortoise party
Frida and Diego- from Cuteporter Natalie W.

Mom Taxi XV: Peaches

“Hello! My name is Peaches. I’d really like to be on Cute Overload because I’m celebrating adopting my hoomin and photo taker Erica B. 35 years ago this month.”

Consider it DONE, Peaches!


Mom Taxi XIV: “Are We There Yet?”

[No, son…not yet.]

From Cuteporter Doris/Phred’s Mom, as seen on

[These headlines are starting to sound like “Chicago” albums. -Ed]

Not a Mom Taxi, But Should Be

On second thought, maybe…the puppeh is adopted. OK, this one is now MOM TAXI XIII.


From the E v e r y t h i n g FB page via Sarah M.’s FB feed. From the looks of it, there was a flood somewhere and the horse decided to help the little guy out.

Mom Taxi XII: Time 4 A Lecture From Mom

Conversation prolly going something like this: “Young man, I TOLD you to buckle your seat belt after you climbed on.”


Found a lovely picture of a cub and momma bear looking each other in the eye. The cub also seems to want its “Mom Taxi.” Photo by Yves Adams.

Mom Taxi XI: Ribbit?

Webbed thumb goes up, a frog goes by
It’s nearly bedtime and here am I
Hitchin’ a ride, hitchin’ a ride
Mom’ll get me home for my morning flies. (Apologies to Vanity Fare.)

“My girl Maria took this photo and started making up this silly song. I knew I had to send this to CO for the Mom Taxi files. I like how the lil’ guy’s eyes seem to be closing sleepily. I remember when we were kids we used to pretend to fall asleep on the couch just to get Mom or Dad to carry us to bed! Thank you for doing what u do so well. Cute Overload makes my day every morning!!!” -Joy M.


Mom Taxi, Rainforest Division

“Remember, you have flycatching practice today, so I’ll pick you up at three.”

Via Kate Quinton for Frontier.

Mom Taxi IX: Somebody Needs A Time-Out

Could you guys give it a rest, so I can have a rest?

Photo from Roselien Raimond/Caters News

Mom Taxi VIII: Rufus

Cuteporter Amanda M. zipped us off this email. “I adopted Rufus in December 2011. He was rescued by the Georgia Humane Society at age 1 from a high kill shelter the day he was supposed to be put to sleep. I found him after he was in his foster home and he was really sick. Turns out he has balance issues and can’t see very well. He’s silly. It would make his day to be on Cute Overload!”

[Rufus, consider your day made, my friend. -Ed]


UPDATE By Request: Ruf-hance Action!




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