Mom Taxi XXIV: Clingons

“Howdy, folks. You’ve been starting my day right for years now! Thank you! I caught this shot myself of a little mom ambling across the road in our mobile home park. This is the ultimate mobile home, right? I count 7 little Clingons. It’s got Mother’s Day written (hanging) all over it. Enjoy and Cheerio, Marina.”

[Yeah, but it also has Mom Taxi written (hanging) all over it, too. -Ed.]


Mom Taxi XXIII: Bring Out Yer Cute!

An old Monty Python joke gets revived and it’s ENTIRELY appropo for C.O. “Mom’s Taxi..but I think she was watching too much MP.” -Doug L.

You can drop ‘em ALL off here, I Can Has Cheeseburger!

Mom Taxi XXII: Water Always Works

[Guys, the holiday highway traffic is waaay too crowded, so hold on, we’ll just take the pond instead.]

Beautifu (2)

I’m On Top of the World, Ma!

“Actually, dear, you’re on top of me. And as soon as I hit the water, the training wheels come off.”

Mom Taxi XXI: Disneyland Drop Off

[OK, it’s 10am. Now you kids have seven hours here at Disneyland. I want you right here in the Koala-Park at 5pm sharp. Everyone have their lunch money and cell phone?]

Koalas share a hug
From Cats, Ducks & Beavers.

Mom Taxi XX: Takin’ It Slow



As seen on ZooBorns.

Mom Taxi XIX: Traffic Lamb

[You guys make sure you’re all buckled in! Looks like we’re gonna be in this traffic for awhile. Get out your juice boxes and coloring books, OK?]

“In the early spring shepherds drive huge flocks of livestock, herd sheep, mules, donkeys, and goats from the Pre-Alpine Hills to the Plains Of Lombardy, for grazing. The newborn lambs are carried in a custom made side saddle by the donkeys, and returned to their mothers at rest time.” Photo: Elspeth Kinneir, as seen here. From Susan M.

Mom Taxi XVIII: Schnozzle Power

As they say on ZooBorns, it’s time to hitch a ride…on The Mom Taxi! Buckle up n’ say hi to MJ, the newborn Tamandua!

MJ was born January 12th at the Staten Island Zoo.

His mother is DJ and his dad is EJ.

Shouldn’t he be named…FJ?

Photos by Steve Yensel, Staten Island Zoo. Music by Vanity Fare.

Mom Taxi XVII: OwOwOwOw

[Mom! Maybe next time I can ride on your back like the others guys do with THEIR moms?]

Via Reddit.

Dad Ferry

If Mom can be a Taxi, it stands to figure that Dad…can be a Ferry, right?

Spotted on Boing Boing.


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