Mom Taxi LI: Watch The Claws, OK?

This cat clearly has his hoomin trained properly. Like this is a surprise to any of us.

(No audio on this one. From Andrew Y. who saw it on

Mom Taxi L: Allll Aboard!

So Christina Ciancio was just floating along in Moss Landing Harbor, CA.- when all of a sudden, a furry friend decided to stop by for a visit. WHY doesn’t this ever happen to me?

[*Note: You’ve never been in a kayak. -Ed.]

(Tastefully Offensive.)

Mom Taxi XLIX (That’s “49” BTW)

Here’s a Mom who was MADE to be a Mom Taxi! This lil’ female Brush-tailed Rock-Wallaby Joey just popped out of Mom’s pouch at Sydney’s Taronga Zoo.

It’ll be another month before the Bebeh Joey starts exploring the world around her. Qouting the zoo site, “She’s still quite shy, but we’re starting to see her little face more and more. (Mom) Mica likes to find a nice spot to rest in the sun and the joey will often pop its head out to look around,” said Keeper, Tony Britt-Lewis.

This joey is one of two to emerge in the past week! Can’t stay indoors forever!

(Buzzfeed/Andrew Y.)

How Do U Weigh A Bebeh Koala?

Well, you try to plop his little ‘Tocks next to a Koala Stuffy, or course. Now you MUST have the Speakers Up for this one. Ehn! Ehn!


(Not The) Mom Taxi XLVIII: An Arne Special

RaccoonSender-Inner Arne found this super selection of (Not The) Taxi photos on The Guardian. What the heck, the premise is still valid. This first photo (a Raccoon on board a Gator, above) is all over the Tubes today (and sent in by many Cuteporters- it’s a real shot. This version found by Karen F. on Taken yesterday morning by Richard Jones on the Ocklawaha River in the Ocala National Forest.








Mom Taxi XLVII: All Aboard!

unnamed[“Does this bus make a stop at the snack bar? My kids are REALLY wanting some pizza. But they’ll take yours, too.] From Maureen P.’s fave site, the U.S. Dept. Of Interior FB.

[*Note: Big day coming up tomorrow- TGIF! It’s #NationalDoughNutDay..we’ll Flashback to 1921..and take a quick trip to a Dog Café near Yoyogi Park in Tokyo! -Ed.]

Mom Grandpa Taxi: Hang On, You Whippersnapper

potd-turtle_3317686kFrom The Telegraph: “Hugo the giant Galapagos tortoise gives a ride to an Indian star tortoise at the Australian Reptile Park, New South Wales, Australia. Picture: Rex Features.” Thanks to Arne, who added, “If not a ‘Headline This,’ then at least a ‘Mom Taxi.'” Good CALL, Arne!

Mom Taxi XLVI: Are We (Ribbit) There Yet?

aP4X2Aw_700b Somewhere in Japan, the RocketNews staff sheds a tear; Andrew Y. spotted this on his new go-to,

Mom Taxi XLV (Kinda, Sorta)

Why did the St. Bernard cross the road? So he could drag his hoomin across it. (T.O.)

Mom Taxi XLIV: Drop Me Right Here, Ma

A69yFJD[I don’t think I can hang on to your ears much longer!!!] (Imgur.)


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