Milo Wishes Us A Happy 8th Birthday!

Thank you Milo! (And your hoomin Anita, too!) Have some cake, on us! Er, on you.

THIS JUST IN: Milo Meets Bath!

Watch The Little White Furhead get cleansed. Plus you get some nice ukulele music, too. Milo + ukulele on a Wednesday, SUCH a deal! (Be watching for The Official Milo Yawn @ 1:14.)

Milo, Wake Up, It’s Saturday Morning!

Imaginary Milo Thought Balloon: [I don’t wanna. Please keep scritching Milo’s belleh until Milo instructs U otherwise.]
(Milo thinks in third person. Oh, and look at the teeny eyes closing at 1:01!)

If you’re a Milo Head, you’ll love going here.

Thank You

On this 12th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, Milo presents this remembrance created especially for Cute Overload.

Many thanks to Anita & Toronto Fire Station 332.

Back To School With Milo

Some puppehs kids still start school the day after Labor Day. With this in mind, Milo would like to offer his advice on picking out just the right outfit for the big day. (Do they still use #2 pencils?)

Visit The World O’ Milo anytime, open 24/7.

Milo Shows Us How A Baroo Is DONE

Never seen it executed quite so well. Tens across the board from ALL judges! Amazink!

Go, Milo, go.

Milo Vs. The Sharks

And we bring Shark Week Hysteria to a close with a visit to Milo’s World. Gonna need a bigger boat, Milo?

Milo Picks Up Another Gig

It seems Milo has gone Hollywood with his latest presentation.

Milo’s World is open 24/7.

New Rule Of Cuteness, # TBD

If something is small enough for you to carry, and that something (Milo) is wearing BOOTIES—-that’s cute. And here’s the Milo Squeak if you missed it on July 4.

Milo Meets World right heah.

When Penguinz Attack!

Milo’s there to defend the house against monstrous (wind-up) invaders! Get ‘em, Milo!

And while we’re here, let’s have some bonus Milo action. Why? Because we can.

Milo’s videos live heah.


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