Guess Who Has a Crush on Milo! (singsong)

We’re not supposed to tell, but we’ll give you a hint…


Remember not to tell.



Via Milo Meets World and Anita C.

THIS JUST IN: Santa Paws

If this puppeh gets any cuter, he may break my computer. Milo gets all dressed up for a one on one with The Man.


*Special thanks 2 Commenter Doug for the headline I stole borrowed.*

Happy Thanksgiving From Milo

So tell us, Milo: what are YOU thankful for today?



A New Look 4 Milo

Milo’s going for a different look here. What do you think?

Milo Would Like 2 Thank Our Vets

..for their service to our country.

From Anita C.

Have a Milo Good Halloween

Which is the best part of Halloween? The costumes or the candy? With Milo in costumes it’s like getting both at the same time…!

Thank You for sending this to CO, Anita (<—Milo’s Mom)! Get more Milo eye candy via YouTube.

Autumn Leaves

The days are getting shorter and the temps are getting cooler, but Milo is undeterred. Let’s check out some leaves, Milo!

More of The World According To Milo here.

Milo Wishes Us A Happy 8th Birthday!

Thank you Milo! (And your hoomin Anita, too!) Have some cake, on us! Er, on you.

THIS JUST IN: Milo Meets Bath!

Watch The Little White Furhead get cleansed. Plus you get some nice ukulele music, too. Milo + ukulele on a Wednesday, SUCH a deal! (Be watching for The Official Milo Yawn @ 1:14.)

Milo, Wake Up, It’s Saturday Morning!

Imaginary Milo Thought Balloon: [I don’t wanna. Please keep scritching Milo’s belleh until Milo instructs U otherwise.]
(Milo thinks in third person. Oh, and look at the teeny eyes closing at 1:01!)

If you’re a Milo Head, you’ll love going here.


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