Twelve Days Of Milo: Tree Trimming

Looks like the Christmas tree is all ready, Milo. What do you think?

Twelve Days Of Milo: The Snow Globe

[Gonna take the rest of the day to sit here and figure out HOW he got into that snow globe. -Ed]

Twelve Days of Milo: Oh Christmas Tree

Milo, how in the WORLD did U ever get into that Christmas Tree outfit?

Twelve Days Of Milo: Stocking Stuffer

The Twelve Days O’ Milo continues! Milo, what’s that in your stocking, buddy?

Twelve Days Of Milo: Penguins

Today, the little man gets dressed up to play with some little windup friends.

12 Days Of Milo: The Snowman

Milo has a Close Encounter Of The Snowman Kind!

12 Days of Milo: The Gingerbread House

Milo wants some Gingerbread House Action right this very second!

12 Days of Milo: Milo Elf

A new surprise video each day from the Milo Man. Here’s Day One!

Guess Who Has a Crush on Milo! (singsong)

We’re not supposed to tell, but we’ll give you a hint…


Remember not to tell.



Via Milo Meets World and Anita C.

THIS JUST IN: Santa Paws

If this puppeh gets any cuter, he may break my computer. Milo gets all dressed up for a one on one with The Man.


*Special thanks 2 Commenter Doug for the headline I stole borrowed.*


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