Twelve Days Of Milo: Christmas Morning!

It’s Christmas morning, Milo! Wake up! What did Santa bring? (P.S.- keep watching after the “squeak!”)

Many thanks to Milo’s hoomin!

Twelve Days of Milo: The Night Before Christmas

It all comes down to this. Milo is leaving out cookies for The Big Fella. But can he stay awake long enough?

Twelve Days Of Milo: Holiday Style Guide

So Milo’s got some friends coming over, and he wants to look his best. Which outfit will he pick?

Twelve Days Of Milo: Up On The Rooftop

You hear something on the rooftop, Milo? Who could it be? Maybe…reindeer? Better check ‘em out!

Twelve Days Of Milo: Presents!

Milo has finished his shopping—but how is he gonna get them wrapped in time?

Twelve Days Of Milo: Tree Trimming

Looks like the Christmas tree is all ready, Milo. What do you think?

Twelve Days Of Milo: The Snow Globe

[Gonna take the rest of the day to sit here and figure out HOW he got into that snow globe. -Ed]

Twelve Days of Milo: Oh Christmas Tree

Milo, how in the WORLD did U ever get into that Christmas Tree outfit?

Twelve Days Of Milo: Stocking Stuffer

The Twelve Days O’ Milo continues! Milo, what’s that in your stocking, buddy?

Twelve Days Of Milo: Penguins

Today, the little man gets dressed up to play with some little windup friends.


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