Milo On The Cat Pupwalk

image1Milo’s hoomin Angela C. wrote in to tell us about Milo’s latest Big Adventure! “Thursday night Milo was a Special Guest for the Strutt With Your Mutt fashion show at Purina Pawsway in Toronto. Milo was a natural on the catwalk and he had the crowd cheering loudly every time he was on stage. After the show fans were invited to a one-on-one meet & greet where they also had photos taken by a professional photographer. What a night!”



The Littlest Turkey

Milo wishes all his friends a Happy Thanksgiving!

Milo Vs Lamby: The Rematch

This is one fierce throw down, People. Milo. Lamby. World Domination. You know the rest.

The Halloween Force Is With Milo

image1At least- I think he’s dressed up as an Ewok. Can’t be sure..but it doesn’t matter. I want him. (Thanks to Anita C.)

C.O. Trading Cards #20: Milo

Another C.O. Hall of Famer gets his own Trading Card! Milo is #20 in our series: more C.O. Trading Cards here! (Click Milo below for C.O. Super-Size™!)


Hey, Milo! Wanna Cookie?

I think he does. Bonus points for the great smooth jazz music, too.

Milo’s Labor Day Nap

Milo, it’s a holiday today. You can take a nap allllll day if you want! Can we bring you anything? A dog biscuit? Maybe a latte?

Milo Minis: A Spin, Twirl, Stretch, High Fives and A Head Tilt!

It’s been a LONG time since we’ve seen a new video clip from The Mighty M. We get it ALL in this one!!

Look Who Has A New YouTube™ Channel!

Milo is back, and he’s as Cute as ever. Take a look at his latest video!

What’s Better Than ONE Milo?

TWO Milos, of course. Behold: {Milo} Socks. These limited edition Milo unisex ankle socks will have you looking as dapper as The Man himself! Get a little more Milo in your life, and he’ll thank you by sharing a portion of the proceeds to help the furry friends at The Toronto Humane Society. These socks will only get made if the campaign reaches its goal of 20 pairs by June 25- deets here.



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