When You’re Milo…

…you can pretty well get belleh rubz whenever you want. Like now! Raise your hands, everyone who’d like to nosedive down to that tummy for a quick snorgle.


Merry Milo

Dear Santa: I know you can’t bring me Milo since he already has a great home- but could we have a puppeh just like him? That would be great. Thank you and have a safe trip tonight. -B.

Streeeeeetch Big, Mighty Milo!

Sometimes a fella has got to do what a fella has got to do. Even with a camera in his face.

Milo Dreams Of Oz

Not OZ as in Australia; Oz has in Wizard. As in “There’s no place like home.” If you’ve always wanted to know what puppehs dream about- their dreams aren’t JUST about dog bones.

Milo On The Cat Pupwalk

Milo’s hoomin Angela C. wrote in to tell us about Milo’s latest Big Adventure! “Thursday night Milo was a Special Guest for the Strutt With Your Mutt fashion show at Purina Pawsway in Toronto. Milo was a natural on the catwalk and he had the crowd cheering loudly every time he was on stage. After the show fans were invited to a one-on-one meet & greet where they also had photos taken by a professional photographer. What a night!”



The Littlest Turkey

Milo wishes all his friends a Happy Thanksgiving!

Milo Vs Lamby: The Rematch

This is one fierce throw down, People. Milo. Lamby. World Domination. You know the rest.

The Halloween Force Is With Milo

At least- I think he’s dressed up as an Ewok. Can’t be sure..but it doesn’t matter. I want him. (Thanks to Anita C.)

C.O. Trading Cards #20: Milo

Another C.O. Hall of Famer gets his own Trading Card! Milo is #20 in our series: more C.O. Trading Cards here! (Click Milo below for C.O. Super-Size™!)


Hey, Milo! Wanna Cookie?

I think he does. Bonus points for the great smooth jazz music, too.