Dateline: Frederick, MD!!

Carolyn R. writes: “Late Monday night, in the middle of a snowstorm, a field mouse found its way into the bedroom. Rather than trying to catch said rodent, I wielded my most effective weapon: The Cat. When the mouse skittered into the bathroom, I introduced it to Kannon, the resident feline (above image) and closed the door for the night. The next morning (below) we discovered that, overnight, cat and mouse had become BFFs. Kannon is apparently a member of the interspecies peace cooperative.”

P.S.: “No animals were harmed during this tale.”


Hello, May I Come In Please?

There’s nothing quite like a polite mouse. When he wants in, Grisu doesn’t pound on the door or anything, no. He’s much more…refined.


Easter BunDay: Uri & Friends

Shaitani, Amrie and Krüger The Mice set things up for today’s Easter Egg Hunt. It’s Uri the Airedale Terrier’s job to find ’em all!

From Laughing Squid.

Merry Christmouse

Watch this little critter go all out and decorate this tree. Did he drive that home tied on top of a little mouse station wagon?

A C.O.-Certified® Quality Submeesh from Kate C.

Give a Little Bit

Give a little bit if you can today. Now’s the time that we need to share. Send a smile, show you care…

We had Black Friday, then Cyber Monday, and today, Dec. 3, is Giving Tuesday. This is the second ever Giving Tuesday. The LATimes says the first was a success with peeps globally donating to over 2600 charities. Today there are an estimated 7500 participating charities according to USAToday.

Mouse-gerbil-hamster-munchkin via My Modern Met. Give a Little Bit lyrics by Supertramp.

If At First You Don’t Succeed…

BEAT THE HECK OUTTA IT and try again.

From Natasha F. in Denmark, as spotted on The Squid.

Caught In The Act

Animuhls (like kids) can do the darndest things. Sometimes, if you’re a great photographer (like these folks as seen on My Modern Met) you can get a terrific shot by just being in the right place at the right time. Talent and a great camera helps, of course!

These were a part of The Mammal Society’s Photographer of the Year competition earlier this year. (The 2014 competition is now open.) Individual photo creditos in the hovers.

First Place Winner: Jumping Rat


Second Place Winner: Licking Fox


3rd Place Winner: Wood Mouse with Blackberry


Gray Seals Laughing


Leaping Squirrel


Tennis: A Love Game

Dear Mr. Djokovic and Mr. Murray, please don’t serve ME today. Thanks awfully. Now how ’bout some strawberries & cream?

A story from back in the day, for today’s Wimbledon men’s final.

RIP To Doug Engelbart

The inventor of the computer mouse has passed away.

Encore Presentayshe of Snickerdoodle from Teajay.

Waiter, There’s Something In My Food

Mango the kitteh is wondering just how he can get to his dinner. Mr. McMouseketeer doesn’t care about that- he got there first.