OK, One More For Tonight

Just because everyone likes to be goofy once in awhile, right?


Ultimate Rule #58 Greyhound ACTION

From Jacqueline F., who says “Reddit user ‘suzaboo’s’ dog looks like the perfect example of your newest Rule! So adorable!”

Hey Tempo! DINNER!!!!!

“This is our Greyhound Tempo, waiting to hear his favorite word – dinner! Hope you can post him!” -Leah T.

What’s Better Than Snoozing In The Sun? (UPDATE!)

That was the question we asked back in March of 2013. So fast forward to June of 2015—and nothing’s changed. Status Quo with Tolstoy The Doxie and Lewis The Greyhound!

“A couple of years ago my pups were featured on your esteemed site,” says Heather L. “Our sweet retired racer was still quite new to the family, so I’m happy to report that after a few years together this odd couple is still the best of friends.”




Not The Traditional Easter Bunneh Look

Frugalhound has absolutely no idea what’s going on here. And that makes two of us.


[*Note: Be looking for the Easter Bunday Mini-Marathon beginning this Bunday at 6am (PT.) We’re rockin’ the Easter Bunday QTE for 12 straight hours up ’til 6pm (PT.) Or ’til we pass out in a Cadbury Cream Egg coma. -Ed.]

There’s Derpy And Then There’s DERPY.

Oh, Bertie. Would you like a treat? SURE you would. OK, assume the position! THERE we go!


Candidate For Best Name Ever

People, this is FRANCO DIAMONDS. Submitted by Matt T., photo by Chris Bailey.

We Started The Day…

with a Greyhound. And we’re gonna end the day with a Greyhound. ‘Cuz that’s how we roll.


Can’t Keep This ‘Til Nosevember

Meet Frugal Hound The Greyhound. She NOSE she’s a good lookin’ puppeh. Look how she’s WORKIN’ that sweateuh and that..er, sock.





Smedley found this one!

Nosevember: The Return Of Enzo

Enzo The Greyhound has made two previous appearances (here and here) on C.O. (that we could find,) and now he’s back for #3. And he brought his Nose with Extra Tongue Lolling Action™.

From Shubbe.