Earth Day, Eh?

[Well then, I guess we'd better DIG SOME UP! Hey, pal! Get off your 'Tocks and help me out!]

Meerkat Maniacs @ the San Francisco Zoo. Photo by Unknown.

No Mr. Bond, We Expect U to PLAY With It

This big ol’ puppeh is Bond the Siberian Husky. Here he meets a little rehab Meerkat who is determined to be friends.

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Botswana Bouncing Bebeh Meerkat Action!

Bebeh Meerkats.

A lot of them.

This fellow is Will Burrard-Lucas, and man does he ever get up close and personal with these little maniacs.


“Not my video but I just saw it today…”

“…and feel that the world is better off knowing this exists.”

“Plenty of Bebeh Fluff and Kat-On-Hoomin Interaction.” -Maggy N.

Dude That’s The Funniest Thing Evah

[Speakers up] Cut it out! Yer killin’ me! I mean it!

Via Wendy M.

Can we get you a Red Bull?

I think SOMEone was out late last night.

From BuzzFeed.

Bad Boys Bad Boys

Whatcha gonna do when these guys come for you?


Serious looking meerkat bebehs as seen on the Daus Of Pix. Title from COPS.

This Post Has “Awwww-Factor” Rating Of 10+

No doubt about it. Wilson the Meerkat needed a mom. Kimi the Chihuahua happened to be having a phantom pregnancy.




Photos by John Aron/Newsteam. Discovered and sent in by Kelly B.

Meerkat Mania At The Oakland Zoo

A bunch mob of these little guys just checked into life at The Oakland Zoo, and Cuteporter Simone P. wanted to make sure we knew about it! (Note- it appears the video has no sound. They should try this!)


Photos from Justin Sullivan/Getty.

Another Family Portrait Ruined!

Aunt Darla! Look at the camera for crying out loud! You do this every time. Come on, let’s take one more before we lose the light.

Ladies Over Fifty, we salute you!