Got Up Early For The Shopping, Eh?

Yep. It’s like that.


Best Job Ever In The History Of History (#2)

Swimming with Sea Otters is a darn great job as we saw on Monday…but giving tummeh tickles to a MEERKAT ain’t half bad, either. Sign me up. For either job. (Speakers UP, please.)

(Wendy M.)

Greetings, Fellow Earthlings!

“I just went to the Fellow Earthlings Wildlife Center with my boyfriend for my birthday. It might be the cutest place on earth. I took this photo of one of the Boy Meerkats hanging with his stuffies. I’m including a few extra bonus shots-and my boyfriend Jim S. also just submitted a video of the Meerkat with the stuffies falling asleep.” -Christine K.


Because U Can NEVER Have Too Many Meerkats

This lil’ Mob is toooooo Cute for words. Five new bebehs came online at the Edinburgh Zoo on May 8.

Mom Queenie has her paws full- she gave birth to three more pups earlier in the year.

Do Meerkat Moms use Meerkat…Nannies?


unnamed (1)
(From ZooBorns via Maureen P.)

Since It IS “Earth Day” Today….

[I figured I’d better get out there and………DIG SOME UP! Who’s WITH me?]

Oh, and this JUST in from the Smithsonian’s National Zoo;

[*Note: Obligatory Google doodle link for Earth Day: “Which Animal Are You?” -Ed.]

G.I. Joe On Duty, SIR!!

Don’t you feel better? You can sleep easier tonight knowing that this little feller is on duty! Keeping the world safe from…something. “Fellow Earthlings Wildlife Center near Palm Springs, California cares for Meerkats with nowhere else to go. They take in Meerkats and give them a sweet home to live out their Happy Meerkat Lives!”- KB.

Near-Great Moments in Space Travel

1965 — Having successfully escaped from the Cape Canaveral Zoo, stowaway Sherman Hoovermeyer would have been the first meerkat in outer space… but unfortunately he chose to hide directly beneath the first stage rocket booster.


Via MrT HK.

Get Smart, Stay Warm

In the colder months, the Secret Society of Master Meerkats prefers to hold its private discussions under the heated Cone of Silence.


Meerkats at the UK Zoo, via Reddit.

Somebody is Ready To Rock

This little guy is primed for action. You wanna piece of him? Make yer play, pardner.

From the SD Zoo Tumblr.

Live Meerkat Maniacs, Right Here.

Who doesn’t like ’em some Bebeh Maniac Meerkats? The Youtube links below are a preview….the LIVE LIVE LIVE CAM is right here.

From Andrea D., who adds, “Everyone needs a few meerkat bebehs in their day.”

(*NOTES from their website: To watch this cam, you’ll need a Flash-enabled browser. The Meerkat Clan won’t always be in view. If you don’t see them, check back later. Enjoy this recorded video.)