Pleuroncodes Planipes ACTION At The MBA

Pelagic red crabs to you and me. Check out this little red goober! Quoting the Monterey Bay Aquarium: “They’re back! Pelagic red crabs — Pleuroncodes planipes (aka tuna crabs, because they’re so tasty to so many fishes) sometimes visit us during El Niño conditions—and they’re here today!”






Poll: When Crabs Stampede!

This MIGHT be one of the stranger videos we’ve seen. Check out this video- a Bebeh Crab Stampede!

Here’s what we want to know- is this Creepy…Or Cute? (Gawker, via Andrew Y.)

Oh,That Is NOT A McCrabbersons Playing “Peek-A-Boo”

Oh wait yes it is.

(Tastefully Offensive.)

Grumpy Crab

He disapproves with a KILLER Side-Eye. From Ana G.

Friday Haiku: Cozumel Crabs

Fun in Cozumel
Little Crabsters running wild
Not too bad a deal

photo 2

photo 4
From Tracie (“Crabs are Cute, right?”) T.

Just When We Thought We’d Seen It All…

..comes MISTER Crabby McCrabbersons with some EXTREME COLD NOODLE CARBO LOADING. (With BONUS EYE STALK ACTION at the start!) Andrew Y., we ask beg you- when will the madness END?

From, their first ever appearance on these pages.

Homeless Hermies Get Their Shell On

Hermit McCrabbersons find a shell and then use it as a shelter, and to keep predators away. As My Modern Met says, sometimes it’s hard to find shells ’cause hoomins like to collect them. Tokyo artist Aki Inomata decided to make some shell-ters on her own. Now they’re movin’ on up!









There is a LOT going on under the waves at First Encounter Beach! Blink, and you might miss it!

Tidal Pool FB from Briana Taylor on Vimeo.

“My boyfriend Jeff Derose made this video for me during our vacation on Cape Cod, MA. in the tidal flats of First Encounter Beach. The music from our friend Mike Langlie of Twink is used by permission. In my humble opinion, this is the cutest hermit footage ever to be seen!” -Briana T. [Agreed. -Ed]