“♬ You Should Be Dancin,’ YEAH… ♫”

Just when we think we’d seen it all from Maymo (& Penny) they go all bizarro on us AGAIN.


Hey Maymo! Can We Give You A Hand?

How about two of ’em?

Oh, Sure, An Inflatable Reindeer

Popping out of a wrapped Christmas present box. Wait- this is Maymo’s World we’re talking about. OK, it’s business as usual.

Need Some Entertainment For The Office Party?

Just call MAYMO’S MUSICAL MUTTS DJ Service and they’ll send out one of their top jocks to spin your party right into the Christmas Spirit!

(*Note: Was going to put a fake 1-800 # on here but then thought, “what if someone answers?” So I dialed it and yep, someone’s got a variation on 1-800-MAYMO, so that’s out. -B.)

Nice Tree, Mames

Maymo has himself a giant Christmas tree made of 800 plastic water bottles. All stacked up nice and neat. Given the catastrophes that follow Maymo, we can pretty well guess what happens, no?

Ever Wanted To Nom A Balloon?

As an allegedly higher form of life, we hoomins know not to do this. Maymo, however, is smarter than ALL of us- and he wants to do it anyway. Observe:

You’re On The Couch As Usual…

…when what should come floating through the air but a big piece of broccoli. Well, of course. It’s Maymo’s World.

Happy Halloween, Maymo

Given the ongoing fact that the living room couch is the epicenter of The Maymo Universe, it makes total sense that a giant Halloween Spider decides to attack him there, correct?

Oh, Look Maymo! Another Creature To Pester You!

Maymo’s doing his usual late Bunday afternoon couch hang, when suddenly….AN OSTRICH PUPPET! Nothing new, probably happens every day in Maymo World (as we all know.)

I Bet Maymo Longs For A Normal Life

You know, free from carrot-brandishing robots, giant centipedes, and GIANT ZOMBIE HORSE HEADS.