C’mere Pop, I Wanna Kees U, K?

Even though it’s not Father’s Day yet, take this opportunity today to tell your Dad U loff heem!

Thanks to the Batman & Robin of Crazy, Maymo & Penny.

Where’s The Biscuit, Maymo?

Maymo & always-present sidekick Penny just can’t seem to find the biscuits. Maymo, where are they? In the bucket? Go, Maymo, Go!

MMMM, Bubbles!

These bubbles taste great, guys! But are they less filling?

Maymo Decides To Try Pineapple

Maymo and sidekick Penny check out a slice of pineapple. Maymo ends up trying to, um, screw his head into the couch as a result.

Penny is a bit more mellow.

Maymo -N- Penny Go Whackadoodle

It doesn’t take much to set these goofballs off. They’ve prolly got tons of nice dog toys to play with, but THERE’S THAT TOWEL RIGHT THERE. You get the idea.

Maymo Presents: The Indoor Crazies

Is your pet cooped up inside due to the cold winter weather? Gettin’ a little wound up at times? Maymo knows what you’re talking about.

And Now, This Important Message

brought to you from Maymo, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture:
Pickles are weird.

Via YouTube

Don’t Touch Those, Maymo- Oops, Too Late

A few days back, we saw Maymo & Penny destroy a house. Now, they’ve turned their attention to a giant stack of water bottles. You can probably guess what happens next!

As seen on Paw Bonito, and sent in by Cuteporter Sarah L.

Destroy The Halls With Boughs Of Maymo

Maymo and Penny decided “Deck The Halls” wouldn’t quite do the trick–so they took it one step further. An APB has now been issued– their current whereabouts are unknown. They should be considered armed & extremely frisky.

“In keeping with the cheer that comes along with the holiday, I’ve just uploaded a video of Reindeer Maymo & Santa Penny destroying a large number of Christmas-themed items, and then blowing up the house. Happy holidays from Maymes & Penny.” -Jay.

Maymo N Penny In….The Great Carrot Caper!

(Say like TV Batman announcer:) “The carrots on the kitchen table are missing! WHO could be behind this DASTARDLY DEED??