Oranges Are GOOD For You, Maymo

The prime contender for the title of World’s Derpiest Doggeh has some playtime with a new toy. He’s pretty happy about that.

Maymo & The Case Of The Shaking Bag

What new challenge awaits the intrepid Maymo today? Ah, it would be a mysteriously shaking grocery bag. Healthy looks good on you, Maymo! Wait….hold it! There’s…something inside!

Happy Birthday, Maymo!

What could be better than your own Ball Pit to roll around in! Happy Birthday, big fella!

Get The Red Dot Thing, Maymo!!

You might just find a pot o’ gold treats at the end of it!

Maymo’s Needs Are Very Simple

All he needs is a nice big green backyard. Well, those Inflatable Flying Sharks are pretty cool, too.

Friday Haiku: Maymo

Maymo is goofy
Trashes the house with cabbage
Never cleans it up

**Bonus Non-Haiku related Maymo video!**

Can I Puh-LEAZE Have A Hallelujah!

PREACH it, Brotha Maymo!

If You’re A Dog…

….you have to dry off differently after taking a bath. Like we would expect anything less from Maymo.

Try A Little Ranch Dressing On Those, Maymo

Last time we checked in on Maymo, he was fighting with Judge Judy. (Honest.) What comes next? Well, carrots, naturally. A good source of beta-carotene!

Maymo Battles Judge Judy

Another day, another headline I never imagined I would ever write. Yet here we are.


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