Maymo And The Giant Zombie Hand

Most definitely a headline I never thought I would type.

Maymo VS. The Laser Pointer

Maymo’s snoozed out in the sack, when he’s suddenly awakened by that pesky laser pointer thing. And of course, he has to follow it ALL THE WAY DOWNTOWN.

Maymo: 100 Fruits & Vegetables In 100 Seconds

Bet the very first thing you thought of this morning was, “I’d like to see 100 different fruits and vegetables on Maymo’s noggin, and I’d like it in 100 seconds or less.”

We’re happy to oblige.

Maymo Is Ready For Sharknado 2: The Second One

The sequel to the fluky 2013 hit debuts tonight on the SyFy channel. And it appears that Maymo’s inflatable shark won’t be making an appearance in the inevitable Sharknado 3.

And of course, if Sharks aren’t your speed, remember this from last summer?


Let’s Play “Spin The Cabbage”

Not quite like “Spin the Bottle,” but as we all know, Maymo loves him some cabbage.

NOTE: Maymo does not limit himself to that particular vegetable (or fruit,) nossir.





(And…Creme Puffs.)

Maymo Has A Ball On His Birthday

A lot of them, actually.

Happy B-Day, buddy!

C’mere Pop, I Wanna Kees U, K?

Even though it’s not Father’s Day yet, take this opportunity today to tell your Dad U loff heem!

Thanks to the Batman & Robin of Crazy, Maymo & Penny.

Where’s The Biscuit, Maymo?

Maymo & always-present sidekick Penny just can’t seem to find the biscuits. Maymo, where are they? In the bucket? Go, Maymo, Go!

MMMM, Bubbles!

These bubbles taste great, guys! But are they less filling?

Maymo Decides To Try Pineapple

Maymo and sidekick Penny check out a slice of pineapple. Maymo ends up trying to, um, screw his head into the couch as a result.

Penny is a bit more mellow.


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