You’re On The Couch As Usual…

…when what should come floating through the air but a big piece of broccoli. Well, of course. It’s Maymo’s World.

Happy Halloween, Maymo

Given the ongoing fact that the living room couch is the epicenter of The Maymo Universe, it makes total sense that a giant Halloween Spider decides to attack him there, correct?

Oh, Look Maymo! Another Creature To Pester You!

Maymo’s doing his usual late Bunday afternoon couch hang, when suddenly….AN OSTRICH PUPPET! Nothing new, probably happens every day in Maymo World (as we all know.)

I Bet Maymo Longs For A Normal Life

You know, free from carrot-brandishing robots, giant centipedes, and GIANT ZOMBIE HORSE HEADS.

This Is Supposed To Be A MAYMO Video

But….where’s Maymo?

THIS JUST IN: Maymo Finds True Love

With Koko The Grilla, it seems!

Catch U Later, Gator

Once again, Maymo is minding his business on the couch, when one of (say like Sarah Palin, remember her?) THOSE DARN PESKY ALLIGATOR PUPPETS GOES ON THAT ATTACKIN’ THING, THERE. It takes ’til 1:01 for Maymo to take it down.

Oranges Are GOOD For You, Maymo

The prime contender for the title of World’s Derpiest Doggeh has some playtime with a new toy. He’s pretty happy about that.

Maymo & The Case Of The Shaking Bag

What new challenge awaits the intrepid Maymo today? Ah, it would be a mysteriously shaking grocery bag. Healthy looks good on you, Maymo! Wait….hold it! There’s…something inside!

Happy Birthday, Maymo!

What could be better than your own Ball Pit to roll around in! Happy Birthday, big fella!


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