It’s Cold Outside, Maymo- Don’t Forget Your Socks

You too, Penny. Wait, what? You wanna stay inside? Oh, well- keep ‘em on anyway. KEEP THEM ON, they’re NOT for chew- never mind.

Sometimes The Simplest Toys Are The Best

Take a bag of ice for example. Who knew they could be such FUN? Maymo and Penny did.

Can’t A Guy Catch A Few Z’s Around Here?

Maymo wants to sleep, and Penny just doesn’t care. Penny wants to play! And what Penny wants- Penny gets.

Maymo & Penny Decide To Play With Their Presents NOW

They didn’t realize the calendar says December 17th, NOT the 24th or 25th.

Oh and then we’ve got a Giant Bear, too.

“I’ll Save You, Penny!”

FILM AT ELEVEN! (Wait, no one uses “film” anymore. Never mind.) Maymo The Goofball rushes in to save his sister Penny from the clutches of a maniacal toy snake!

Maymo Vs. The Robot

Like there’s any suspense here as to who’s gonna win this battle. Penny arrives at the very end.

Maymo, You’re Tougher Than I Am

If I saw a spider that size, (even a toy one) – I’d run for the hills. Not Maymo. After some initial apprehension, he gets it to massage his paws.

As it should be.

“The Hoomins Keep Us Apart”

Maymo, you’ve really got it bad, dude.

Maymo & Penny’s Self-Defense Video

As a puppeh, sometimes, you find yourself in a sticky situation and you need to defend yourself. It happens! Here, Maymo and Penny show you how it’s done, with various moves such as (but not limited to):




And don’t forget…


Wait. What?


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