#CO10: Maymo And Penny’s Ultimate Challenge

COTENLARGE (Say like James Earl Jones): They’ve battled Carrot-Wielding Robots..Flying Judge Judy Balloons..even Giant Zombie Hands. And now, with Cute Overload’s 10th Anniversary just days away, the Dynamic Duo faces their toughest challenge yet:


Many SUPER C.O. Thanks to Jeremy, Maymo, and Penny!

Maymo Never Catches A Break

C.O. Hall of Famer Maymo can never just snooze on the couch. There’s always something new in the house to destroy investigate.

Today’s victim opponent? A carrot-wielding robot, naturally. (In Maymo-World, that is totally normal.)

“♬ I’m A Pepper, You’re A Pepper ♫…”

Wouldn’t you like to be Peppers too, Maymo & Penny? (Here’s the theme song if you aren’t old enough to know it forgot it.)

Never A Dull Moment At Maymo’s House

Have you ever seen a video of Maymo and Penny just…flopped down on the floor, doing nothing? Didn’t think so. Here the Dynamic Duo chase a huge toy centipede.

Look, Maymo! More Mail For You!

Now, let’s be a good boy, and not TEAR IT TO SHREDS in order to open- Maymo. Maymo? MAY-MO! DON’T- ah, forget it. Penny, come on in, you too.

It’s Cold Outside, Maymo- Don’t Forget Your Socks

You too, Penny. Wait, what? You wanna stay inside? Oh, well- keep ’em on anyway. KEEP THEM ON, they’re NOT for chew- never mind.

Sometimes The Simplest Toys Are The Best

Take a bag of ice for example. Who knew they could be such FUN? Maymo and Penny did.

Can’t A Guy Catch A Few Z’s Around Here?

Maymo wants to sleep, and Penny just doesn’t care. Penny wants to play! And what Penny wants- Penny gets.

Maymo & Penny Decide To Play With Their Presents NOW

They didn’t realize the calendar says December 17th, NOT the 24th or 25th.

Oh and then we’ve got a Giant Bear, too.

“I’ll Save You, Penny!”

FILM AT ELEVEN! (Wait, no one uses “film” anymore. Never mind.) Maymo The Goofball rushes in to save his sister Penny from the clutches of a maniacal toy snake!


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