!Top Corgis Of 2012!

corgi_with_branchMax Stubbular here. I’ve got a bone -er, branch to pick with you, Buzzfeed. You run Top 40 Most Influential Corgis Of 2012—and I’m not on there? So whut if I’m fictional; CO takes a great Corgi photo & BOOM they name him Max. I’m not complainin’- you should see the last royalty check. And you can Google me, unlike these guys.

Wait, that’s me drinking from the faucet! I take back all the bad vibes, Buzz. Much love. -M.





First four photos are from Corgi Addict dot com, final photo from Burnred.


CALL TO ACTION: Max Stubbular Presents HolidayOverload©

santa maxO HAI! Max Stubbular here. You’ve looked at my photos all summer n’ fall—now, ah wanna see yours! [Sniffs at you]

Between now and Christmas, I’ll select my favorites, post ’em here on Cute Overload, and each Sender-Inner will receive a 2013 Cute Overload Calendar!

Submit your best holiday pic tuhday! And, may the best shots win.


Top to bottom, we’ve got Quality Images Heyeah from Kelly S., Abigail P., Meagan G., Karen K., and Jim S.

Maximum Max Relax

Max relaxes better than anyone else. Note the pokey Stubbular Pawz and the Left and Right Ears that go ZOINK in each direction, like they’re pullin’ in DirecTV or sumfin’.  #Givemeabreakwillyouplease.

Kathleen S. sent in thees photo (that’s actually Teddy but they’re all MAX to us.)

Max, Can Ya Spare A Twinkie?

Now that Hostess is shutting down, there’s a mad rush for Twinkies- and you can’t find them!

At least we know who snagged them all.

Photo by Paul B- get more of Trinket here.

A little late for ‘Tocktober, Max

We’ll take it, though.

Photo by Johanna Siegmann.

Max Stubbular Salutes ‘Tocktober…

….the only way Max knows how.

‘Tocks Up!

‘Tock shot from the CO Archives. See more episodes of Max Stubbular.

Max Stubbular: Fill ‘Er Up

Here we have our guy Max stoppin’ by his favorite watering hole for a shot of H20. Doesn’t look like that tap is puttin’ out, Maxie–can we get you a Pelligrino?

Got this one from Corgi Addict, we did.

Max Is Back

Now here we have Cute Overload’s fave Corgi, Max Stubbular. Max usually only has one or two speeds..a slow trot, or no speed at all. And here Maxie shows us once again how it’s done, with special guest Eeyore.

Max Wuz Pinned.

The Continuing Adventures of Max Stubbular

When we last checked in on our hero, The Maxster was taking a nap. In today’s edition…….Max goes for a walk.

Stay tuned for more in The Continuing Adventures of Max Stubbular!

The Adventures of Max Stubbular…

Will continue AFTER THIS NAP!

Prosh Corgi Action by Corgi Addict Dot Com.