Family Resemblance, but what family?

What do you mean, “what family”? Lessee in our tree we have marvelous meatloaf and Chex Mix and homemade melange du hodgepodge and leftover fruitcake oh yes. Let’s mix them all together. Yeah!!!

Josh Norem! (love these two guys, sooo cute.) Hank & Cruiser, who say, “See? We totally match!”


Admit It!

The crazy cat lady in you is a bit jealous!

“These 12 Save-A-Pet foster kittens redefine the phrase “cat tree” – Galahad, Orchid, King Arthur, Lancelot, Stache, Tristan, Pellinore, Polaroid, Simone, Pentax, Jonquil & Panasonic (top to bottom, left to right)” -Sandra Joy P.

Like Milk & Cookies

That’s how these two pups go together. Not just because they’re soft and sweet.
But also because it’s hard to imagine one without the other.

Dunk one in the other and eat ’em right up.

“Earlier this year, I lost my dog of 10 years. The house was too quiet and everything reminded me of my Annie. I started considering another dog. A friend knew I was looking and told me her niece had some puppies. I was only going to get one. They were holding the last female for me. When I got there, I had to come home with two. Her little brother was just irresistible and they are the best of friends, Tucker and Tillie” -Amy C.

How You Doon?

Me and my associates are conductin’ a little Family business up hea. If you got a problem with dat we might have to do a number on yous.

“Cute baby swallows on my front porch.” -Heather M.

Mmm, What is that Smell ?

Ah yes. Wet Dog.

Non. Non non. Eet ees more than Wet Dog. Eet ees odeur du chien et de la mud, with a hint of naughty.

Oui! Oui! Eet ees muddy, naughty, with nuances of all things smelly, full-bodied, Wet Dog.

Samoyeds, Kwinn & Naughtya. “Today we had a brief thunderstorm. Just enough rain to make some FUN Mud.” (what other kind of mud is there?) “Naughtya took advantage… living up to her name. Not sure how happy my husband will be when he sees the vegetable garden.” -Yvette N.

Sweet Tweets

When there’s apples being offered, Lorikeets are very patient, polite and proper.

But there’s always one who wants to get a head.

“Here are some pictures of me feeding some lorikeets with an apple on my balcony. They are all lined up, and waiting their turn patiently. One even sat on my head.” -Risha S.

Could We Try Another Pattern?

I can pretty much nail the colors, but I kind of have a problem with bicycles. Can you wear something with sailboats, maybe? Or how about skateboards?

Via Ray Bouknight.

Oh Don’t Be Jealous

Just because Lolita has a matchinks stuffy.

And you don’t.
… …do you? (shifty eyes)
Lolita, by Huy D.

Flashback Friday

Climbing up the ladder of success is hard. ‘speshly when you’re a-skeered of heights.

Various sources including Vintage Everyday and Buzzfeed. Origin unknown.

Splittin’ Image

Willie and Nillie want you to know the only way to tell them apart: One of them prefers ear skritches and the other prefers chin rubs.

Whatever you say, Willie and Nillie. Great photo, Celeste P.!