Otterly Prosh In The Big Apple

Julie Larsen Maher _3566_Asian Small-clawed Otters and Pup_JUN_BZ_09 04 ...Lookin’ for something to do today in the NYC area? We suggest….Otters. Otters. Otters. Otters. Did I mention Otters? Specifically, they’ve got young Asian small-clawed otter action in JungleWorld at WCS’s Bronx Zoo. Open today ’til 5:30pm ET.

Julie Larsen Maher _3517_Asian Small-clawed Otters and Pup_JUN_BZ_09 04 ...

Julie Larsen Maher _3630_Asian Small-clawed Otters and Pup_JUN_BZ_09 04 ...

~ Le Creditos ~

Photos: Julie Larsen Maher © WCS.
Video: © WCS.

Mom Taxi 56*: Bali Bebeh

_CCB7136-01“This is from my recent trip to Bali, Indonesia.” -Ccb.

[*Note: Switching to regular numbers- roman numerals were too hard to figure out at this point. -Ed.]


I mean to tell you- this one came in JUST a minute ago, via Andrew Y. I was editing like a BANSHEE. Sure he sent it in 20 hours ago but whatevs. Oh, yes it’s been a busy one today–that big ol’ Anniversary thing comin’ up ya know- so sing it from the rooftops: TGIF!

abbxDXO_460sv (1)
(From Andrew Y. who found it on 9Gag.)

Mom Taxi LIII (North Pole Edition)

Polar bears[MA! I thought you were gonna bring my safety seat to sit in!!!]

(Nothing To Do With Arbroath.)

Mom Taxi LII: Doggeh Bag

Well, what ELSE are ya gonna haul your kid around in?

(Nothing to do with Arbroath)

Moofers (And Irie!) UPDATE!

Sara D. provides us with a Moofers update: “Moofers and Irie (ACL surgery; also a rescue like his brother Moofers and his little sister Copita) have begun the road to recovery! Moofers is standing on his own, already getting used to his 3-legged stance. Irie wants to run around and it’s going to be quite a challenge keeping him calm enough to heal! Here’s Moofers after his surgery!”

“We’re still trying to raise the funds to cover the surgery….the 2 surgeries together cost over $7,000. We’ve hit the $2500 mark on our GoFundMe page and are hoping to meet our goal of $4,000 soon. Thank you C.O. for all the support and kindness and caring!!”

Moofers and Irie in their Cones

Slobbery Matchingks

Me and mom! - Imgur[This is a picture of me and my mom. The camera guy said ‘OK look at the camera but she didn’t want to. Trust me, she’s real pretty. She drools a lot, but we all tend to do that.] Imgur/Reddit.

OMGPonies!!1!!!1 (+ Matchingks!)

Matching - ImgurOne of these, though, is not like the others. (Reddit/Imgur.)

When I Grow Up I Wanna Be Just Like Ma

[Well, except for cleaning the litter box. And going to the grocery for all that boring shopping. And making dinner every single night. And doing the laundry. She can still do all that. Now…did I miss a spot?]


Prosh Blorp Bundle: Little Z

Let’s get this outta the way first: I CALL MATCHINGKS. OK. Here we have a rather Blorpular Mr. McStubbersons Jr. by the name of Ziama. He’s out and about on the outside paddock and in the pool- just the right way to spend a hot summer at the ZSL Whipsnade Zoo in London.

Of course, we can’t forget this Rule of Cuteness #07: A thing, accompanied by a smaller version of that thing, is always cute.



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