NEW Maru: カウチ ・ ポテト (Couch Potato)

The Circle has never looked so Blorpy.

THIS JUST IN: Maru Never, Ever Gives Up

The Circle gets what he wants.

THIS JUST IN: Which Trash Box Is Maru In?

Well, His Roundness is in one or the other!

THIS JUST IN: Maru Gets In Another Box

Hard to believe, I know. New wrinkle here: some “Cute Warning” tape on the side of the box.

Rubbing Me the Wrong Way?

What a comically alien concept. There is no wrong way. Now, continue, slave…


The Secret Of Maru’s Cow REVEALED

Blue Footed Booby noticed in the earlier Maru video that, in fact, the mysterious cow we see in most of the videos has a map of the world on it! And so it does:

So, applying a little logic (a lot of boxes in Mugumogu’s house, yo) we checked the site, and….bingo.

Cost is $52 USD and change as of this writing, according to the converter.

NO idea if they’ll ship worldwide.





In a new twist on Mugumogu’s video routine, we get a Maru question and answer sesh.

THIS JUST IN: “Many Boxes & Maru”

Make it a Maru Monday! WHO knew Girth Boy has a thing for boxes?

NEW Maru: In This Clip, Maru Does One Thing.

And he does it VERY well. (Dreaming of…boxes?)

NEW Maru- Now, THIS Is A Surprise

Clipboard01Maru…in a box. Who woulda thunk it.


There HAS to be a law of physics that says there is no way His Majestic Blorpness (FAVE FRAME™, above) can FIT inside a box of that size. And yet he does it, on cue and on camera, for the 16th time. No dust bunnies in sight, either.


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