Animals On Desserts: Marutabaga Pie

His Royal Exalted Roundness is portrayed in this exclusive drawing by Animals on Desserts artist Loryn Brantz.

Marutabaga Pie 1400X900

(Right-click or control-click on the above for a 1440 x 900 image for your PC. We’ve also got 1600 x 1200, and 1920 x 1080. Enjoy!)

Happy Seventh Birthday To MARU

1960945_10152307139270073_4836359972667935316_oFor several years you’ve made the Net your home
And entertained millions with your girth
So today you’re now seven years old
The most popular cat on Earth.

Maru this birthday tribute is for you
Your videos bring C.O. lots of clicks
We hope you’re with us for many more years
With Hana…and your portly bag o’ tricks.

Click on image for Maru Wallpaper Action!

Maru cartoon image by

THIS JUST IN: Happy (Early) Seventh Birthday, Maru!

Tomorrow’s the official date here in the US- but it’s already Girth Boy’s BD in Japan! We’ll have a big tribute tomorrow, but ’til then, check out this BRAND NEW video from Mugumogu, just in moments ago!

Throwback Thursday – Maru’s Birthday!

In honor of the upcoming momentous occasion of Maru’s! 7th! Birthday! (Caturday May 24th – don’t miss it!)!!! (rah! yay! tossing handfuls of shredded boxes!!!)
Why don’t we,
gooo back and see,

Maru is 3

MAY 28, 2011 by MEG.

Happy Birthday to you,
Who just turned three? Maru!
It’s been 1000 days of box love and
Annoyed faces, thank you!

Maru’s 3rd birthday reminder comes from Haydia H. //Editor Note!// Maru is actually 4 now! Oops. Expect a new post on that next year! :P //

THIS JUST IN: Maru’s Got It In The Bag

Has Maru forsaken his treasured boxes for something new? Let’s find out.

THIS JUST IN: C’mon Maru~ PLAY With Me!

Hana wants Maru to play with her. REALLY bad.

Hana is 100% Looney Tunes.

THIS JUST IN: Maru & Hana: Stairmasters

Japan’s #1 and #1A kittehs, aka The Round Mound Of Girthness and sidekick Hana, decide to play on (what must be) Mugumogu’s extremely clean stairs. What I wouldn’t give to see a video tour of that entire house.

THIS JUST IN: Happy First Birthday, Hana!

Here’s a video celebrating the birthday of Maru’s playmate, the one and only Hana, who now gets her own tag. ハッピーバースデー、花!


THIS JUST IN: Maru & Hana Total Action Video!

The latest Maru and Hana-fest, JUST ZOOMING IN from Japan. Click now and be amazed at The Circle & Friend!)


Hana decides to dive-bomb Maru, while Maru is, um, occupied.


Maru’s Toebeans

In the world of toebeans there is one that connects us all, over and over again.


Those are some clean beans!

From: The book “I am Maru.”


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