NEW MARU (In Super-Slo-Mo)

Maru moves surprisingly fast for a fat mature cat. So let’s see what His Eternal Blorpness looks like slowed down a bit. (Note- none of the trademark Mugumogu Ambient Sound™ with the slo-mo part- there’s a brief regular-speed part at the end.

THIS JUST IN: Maru’s New Toy

We’ve seen His Thickness stuff himself in most every type of box possible. Now, he tries something new: a mixing bowl.

New Video: How Mugumogu Keeps Her Floors Clean

Why buy those Swiffer™ cleaning supplies…when you can get His Roundness to dust the floor for you? (After he gets his Starbucks™ fix.)

New Maru: Tail Dance

Climbing up the Smooth Jazz Charts: this is “Tail Dance” by Mugumogu featuring Maru, on KQTE.

Maru Tribute Song

Gather around the campfire and sing it with me! There’s only one Circle!

A Smedley find!

Fat Cat Tuesday Toesday

lNIWZEvery year, we run a photo of Maru for the Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday celebration in New Orleans. Just a coincidence.


…I KNOW I can. Ahhhhhhhh. I am The Circle. Built to win.

NEW Maru: カウチ ・ ポテト (Couch Potato)

The Circle has never looked so Blorpy.

THIS JUST IN: Maru Never, Ever Gives Up

The Circle gets what he wants.

THIS JUST IN: Which Trash Box Is Maru In?

Well, His Roundness is in one or the other!


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